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Happy Sunday!

I am home this weekend and loving every minute of it. No hotel food. Meals whenever we are hungry. Naps. Running errands. Lazy mornings in bed. Quiet evenings. It has been fabulous and gone by way too quickly.

Connor came home Friday night for his week of spring break. He was excited to come home, and we were excited to have him come home. This semester’s schedule has taken its toll on him, so he has been looking forward to coming home for some rest and relaxation. Getting to know the new pup was another attraction, and he has fallen in love with Cletus as quickly as the rest of us did. It has been great catching up on everything and just watching his increasing confidence and maturity with every visit.

Holly has been one busy girl – as you all know. Not only has dance been keeping her on her toes (ha!), but she had poms tryouts this week. Tryouts were three days for a few hours each night, and she received so many compliments from the coaches and judges that if she does not make the team we will all be shocked. She finds out on Monday at school and is excited about the whole thing, even if it does add one more set of rehearsals to her evening and summer schedules. In the course of the last few weeks, she has also registered for her first semester classes for her freshman year. According to her, next year can’t come soon enough although Jim and I are a little less enthused about the fact that our baby will be in high school in September.

Speaking of Jim, he has two weeks at his new job under his belt and is loving every minute of it. Granted, having dogs in the office and being able to bring Tallulah with him a few days a week would be a huge stress relief. Who wouldn’t like a job where dogs are sleeping while you hold a meeting? The job itself is less stressful overall, and he marvels at the support he has from upper management – something he struggled to obtain at his old job no matter how well he presented his plans. He has a long commute but doesn’t seem to mind it. He comes home each evening with anecdotes about what a certain dog did today and makes everyone jealous with his videos of playing tug with one or petting another.

I am surviving. This weekend home has been a godsend, allowing me the chance to decompress and retreat a bit. Work has been hectic as we have so many orders and not enough capacity in with to fulfill them all. It is a great problem to have but the stress and strain as everyone tries to figure out how to squeeze a few more units off the line can be overwhelming, even though I have nothing to do with production other than to support them with useable data. Holly and I are at competitions for the next two weekends, have the weekend of Easter off and have one competition each weekend in April. I am trying not to think about that but still focusing on one day at a time. It is the only way I am going to get through this season.

I hope this finds you all healthy and happy and relaxing as one should on a Sunday. May your upcoming week be filled with warm, sunny weather and stress-free days, and I will see you back here in two weeks!


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