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Fabulous Friday Button

We should always find ways to celebrate the little things in life. What better day to celebrate these little things than the best day of the week? So, here are the things that make this a Fabulous Friday for me this week.


  • SHE MADE IT – For those of you who were wondering, Holly made the varsity poms team.
    In fact, she made the varsity poms team for football and for basketball, and she made the varsity poms competition team – one of two other freshmen to make all three teams. She is excited,
    and I am excited for her. Now, I have to go dig out my stadium seats and blankets again since we will be going back to high school football games!

  • #NATIONALWALKOUTDAY – Parenting comes with all sorts of doubts and worries about whether you are raising your children to be responsible adults, but I have found that your children will show you just how well you are doing at a surprisingly young age. On Wednesday, Holly’s school district opted to punish any student who participated in the walkout with a 30-minute detention. Their reasoning, based on an email from the superintendent of the district, is that they a) were thinking of the safety of the kids outside, b) could not condone protesting this one time because then they would have to condone future protesting, and c) were providing the students an opportunity to really show their passion for the protest because it means more to protest with consequences than without them. (Commence eyerolling.) Jim and I left it up to Holly. If she wanted to participate, we would have no problems with her serving a detention. If she did not want to participate, she was under no obligation to do anything. None of her friends wanted to participate, so we were not certain what she would do. Well, folks, she walked out of school as one of 87 kids out of 200+ students in her school to do so. I am SO proud of the fact that she felt strongly enough about this issue to not just stand up and take action but to do so knowing that she was facing punishment for doing so. She did not let the teachers who were trying to herd them into the gym stop her from walking outside but did what she felt was right. We have said it for the last month but these kids really are our future, and if they all remain vocal and continue to take action about important topics, I have hope that they will succeed where we have failed them.


What makes this a Fabulous Friday for you?

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