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People are forever asking how I manage everything with such a busy schedule. I love to cook, but I don’t always have time to do so in the manner I would like. This weekly journal is a way to keep it real and show that while my intentions are good, sometimes life and all of its activities get in the way of serving a delicious, home-cooked meal and that it is perfectly okay.

  • Saturday: No delicious, home-cooked meal tonight. Jim’s appetite is gone these days, so Holly and I were stuck with the remaining leftovers.
  • Sunday: Holly was a sweetheart tonight and made Wild Mushroom Risotto for all of us tonight. I love, love, love the fact that my kids have the know-how to cook fairly complicated meals by themselves. Not only does it save me from having to cook every night, it reassures me that my kids can at least fend for themselves and maybe impress their friends when they are out on their own.
  • Monday: Jim hasn’t had an appetite lately so when he requested Campbell’s tomato soup and grilled cheese, it was off to the grocery store to get the cheese, bread, and soup we needed to fulfill that request.
  • Tuesday: Jim was able to get out of the house today to meet a former coworker for dinner so Holly and I fended for ourselves with various sandwiches, cereal, and whatever else sounded good. I have a feeling that this is going to be a trend for the week.
  • Wednesday: Jim was feeling much better and finally has his appetite back, but I had an appointment in the evening that precluded us eating together. He made himself eggs and bacon. I had a quick sandwich. Holly was left with a small sandwich, carrots, and fruit as well, but when she gets home at 9 PM after being gone since 6:40 AM, you don’t have time to be picky or to create an elaborate meal.
  • Thursday: By Thursdays, I am usually wiped. This week has been particularly bad taking care of Jim, being the sole driver to and from dance, and working on final budgets at work. Jim, who is feeling better, made a copycat version of Olive Garden’s Chicken and Gnocchi Soup, which was a perfect way to end the day. The recipe made a lot, which will come in handy for lunches and potential dinners over the weekend.
  • Friday: Holly always has dance on Fridays, but this time she had a dance sponsored by the middle school student council that she had to attend. This left me alone until the boys came home together around 7 PM, when we all went out for an easy dinner at Noodles followed by custard at Culver’s. Yum on all accounts!


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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