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Happy Sunday!

It’s a gloomy Sunday afternoon right now. Connor is picking up Holly from her first of two dance rehearsals today. Jim and I are watching football and Tallulah is in her usual spot sleeping on a lap. In other words, it is a typical early winter Sunday in the Shannon household.

We all saw Star Wars yesterday; it was fabulous. Granted, it has taken me twenty-four hours to come to that realization. I can see why some fans have not enjoyed it, but I think they are blinded more by what they wanted to see versus what they actually saw. The story is much heavier than we have seen to date from any Star Wars movie, but I liked that. The new characters added mystery, and I like the direction the arc seems to be taking. Now we wait another two years for movie nine.

I AM THANKFUL FOR: the voters of Alabama getting out there and making their voices heard. They proved that decency does still exist in this country. And that grassroots movements do work. It means we have work to do before November 2018, but the votes of Alabama provided the first modicum of hope I have had in a long time.

I AM GRATEFUL THAT: my whole family is back together again. I know Connor was home over Thanksgiving, but the fact that he is home for the next three weeks is the best present I could get. Well, as long as he doesn’t revert to his high school self again.

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: a long weekend…two weekends in a row. I do have to work the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day but I only have to work two days that week. It will be wonderful to hang out as a family with nothing on the calendar.


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