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  • Saturday: A late lunch had us all completely uninterested in dinner. We all grabbed snacks and called it a night.
  • Sunday: Another late lunch again had us feeling lackluster about dinner. Today’s lunch was so late that we didn’t even bother with the snacks.
  • Monday: I had plans to make beef stroganoff in the slow cooker today because I thought I had all the ingredients and was in bed due to a migraine. It turns out I was missing half the ingredients, so I threw together the beef with some broth and cream of mushroom soup and hoped it would turn out decently. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely needed some spices to give it some more flavor. And mashed potatoes. I served it over egg noodles but think mashed potatoes would have been even better.
  • Tuesday: After yesterday’s pain-filled day, I was in the mood for comfort food. Nothing says comfort to me quite like tuna casserole made with potato chips. It’s odd, not healthy in the least, but something I find delicious, as does the rest of the family. Plus, with four ingredients, it doesn’t get much easier to make.
  • Wednesday: To make up for yesterday’s comfort fest, I put the slow cooker to use to make Pork Carnitas. I also made Cilantro Lime Rice in my Instant Pot. I put out all of the fixings anyone could want on their burrito bowls and let everyone serve themselves. SO good and with plenty of leftovers for lunches this week. I’ll tell you one thing though. I’m glad I don’t work from home because if I had to smell those carnitas roasting all day long, I would have gone mad!
  • Thursday: Those carnitas I made yesterday did make for great leftovers tonight. With plenty of rice and black beans left as well, it was another easy and delicious meal that I did not have to cook.
  • Friday: It was cold. It has been a long week. Neither Jim nor I were interested in cooking or going somewhere. We ended up having more of the carnitas leftovers and called it a week.


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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