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Happy Sunday!

Last week was cold and gloomy. Today was 50F and sunny. How different a week can be! It is odd to have such warm weather after Thanksgiving, and I cannot help but contemplate the reasons for this warm weather. Still, I am going to enjoy not having to wear a winter coat for the next week.

THANKFUL FOR: Connor’s visit. It was short, and we had some issues with him reverting back to some of the anti-social behaviors we saw this summer. However, we did see signs of his increasing maturity that made the week fun. I am so thankful we have developed such a close relationship, something we also saw in his openness and honesty as we caught up with him throughout the week.

GRATEFUL FOR: My family. I had one of the worst migraines I have had in years this past Wednesday. Thanksgiving was a bit rough as the postdrome was bad as well. The family pitched in and each took dish for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a group effort, and I love the fact that they not only wanted to help but have the skills to be able to do so. Of course, I still ended up overdoing in it and had a rebound migraine. My family understood enough to let me sleep and recover on Friday. I love them.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Holiday decorating. We chose to enjoy the four-day weekend and avoided any sort of Christmas activities. This means I still have to take down the autumnal decor and change it to Christmas. I am really looking forward to doing it slowly than rushing through it over the course of one day. This will be a first actually.


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