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Happy Sunday!

It is cold. It is gloomy. Yet again. I can’t think of one day this month that has been completely sunny. It is brutal on your mood. Even getting out of bed is tough these days. Still. Thanksgiving is this weekend. My entire family is home. There are worse things that could be happening.

THANKFUL FOR: Holly’s dance instructors. They care about their students so much they held conferences with each of the dancers for the last two weeks. We went over areas where the dancers improved, areas of focus to work on, goals, dreams, questions, concerns. They have taken the time to not only get to know my daughter but to appreciate her for the skills and work ethic she brings to the dance floor. Taking the time to meet with 30+ dancers for twenty minutes each on top of teaching classes, ordering costumes, working through the logistics of scheduling rehearsal times, finding guest choreographers, and keeping the studio running shows how committed they are to their dancers. Not that I ever doubted we made the wrong decision in switching studios, but it is just one more confirmation that we made the right decision in doing so.

GRATEFUL FOR: having my family all under one roof again for the first time since August 14th.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: a four-day weekend. It has been a long time since I have had more than one day off in a row. The break is much needed and eagerly anticipated. All the reading and sleeping and relaxing and decorating!


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