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Hosted by Kathryn from Book Date, this is a weekly event to share what we’ve read in the past week and what we hope to read, plus whatever else comes to mind. To learn more about each book, just click on the book cover!

Sleepless nights aren’t usually a good thing but they do allow me to read more than I normally do.


Haunting the Deep by Adriana Mather The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman Never Coming Back by Alison McGhee

The latest novel by Adriana Mather is another fun story with a fascinating connection to Ms. Mather’s ancestry. There is nothing remotely serious about the story, but it is still a blast to read. Ghosts, witches, magic, Salem, and the Titanic. What’s not to like?

Alice Hoffman’s newest novel was a bit of a disappointment. It has her hallmark writing style and beautiful prose, but the story was a bit dry for my taste. I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I wanted. I had plans to read Practical Magic after finishing this, but I think I am going to stick with the movie version. I like the characters in the movie much better.

The Alison McGhee novel is a beautiful novel about dealing with Alzheimer’s and the realization that we never really know our parents. Not the lightest of reads, but it helped me understand what my husband was feeling when he was losing his father.


Still going strong.


A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan


The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

Less than three hours left and I’m still not finding it very scary. I wonder what is wrong with me.


Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed

So, what are you reading?

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