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Fabulous Friday Button

We should always find ways to celebrate the little things in life. What better day to celebrate these little things than the best day of the week? So, here are the things that make this a Fabulous Friday for me this week.


  • CONNOR’S COMING HOME – For the first time since he left on August 13th, Connor is coming home for Thanksgiving break. I am so excited, even though I know he is going to do little more than sleep and visit with friends. It will be wonderful to have my baby under my roof again even if it is for only a week. This break is especially important because his winter break schedule is completely unknown at this point in time. We know Iowa State is going to a bowl game. We know the marching band will be with the football team. We do not know what bowl game yet, and therefore have no idea whether Connor will be home or not for Christmas. So, we plan to make the most of his week here.


What makes this a Fabulous Friday for you?

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