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Happy Sunday!

The week did not start out well. Waking up to news about the largest mass shooting on US soil was both horrifying and disheartening. Horrifying because it happened and disheartening because I knew it meant listening to those in DC saying their thoughts and prayers were with the victims but not doing a damn thing to prevent it from happening again. I knew it meant listening to a white man with access to automatic weapons would be described as a mentally ill “lone wolf” instead of the terrorist he is. I knew it meant the GOP explaining away the right to bear arms versus the privilege of health care in order to earn that NRA bribery money they have all received. I knew it meant another divisive discussion about something that should not be difficult. I don’t know if there ever was a time where human life meant more than corporate/lobbyist money, but I knew on Monday that we would find out yet again that all those in DC care about is the money. The rest of the week passed in a blur. Still, every time I went online, the news was…well…not good. I wish someone would explain to me why Republicans seem to hate women so much. Or anyone not male and white and rich.

The thing is we can either give in to the negativity or rise above it. After all, love trumps hate. It is  time we remember this and act on it in our own lives. I am tired of feeling SO angry. I am tired of feeling impotent. So, I want to make a concerted effort to be more positive. For that reason, I am trying something new today, adopted from Jenny from Reading the End.

Proud of:

Holly makes me so proud almost every single day. Her enthusiasm for her passions is heartwarming. This week, I am particularly proud of the fact that she is becoming more and more active in school and in politics. For the last 53 years, the middle school has held a convention for student council presidential elections. Modeled just like the Democratic and Republican national conventions, each class represents one of the fifty states. They have to present their votes to the chairperson along with three facts about their state. They make banners and signs. The candidates have to give speeches, along with their campaign managers. This year, Holly was nominated by the middle school teachers to be the party chairperson and host the event. For two+ hours, she was in front of the entire student body calling up the state representatives, the various candidates and their campaign managers, and providing banter to fill in the silences while students moved to and from the stage. She came home so excited and happy with how it went. I love that she is becoming more aware of the political process. I love that she is overcoming shyness and not afraid to put herself out there in such a public fashion. She shows more bravery than I ever did when I was her age. How can that not make a mother proud?


It may be weird, but Jim and I have been thoroughly enjoying rewatching the television series “Dexter.” I have been wanting to go back and pick up old shows that we either never finished or never got around to watching, and this is the first show we both are watching together. The show is amazing and addictive, and I look forward to cuddling next to Jim to watch the next episode each night.

Charmed by:

I don’t know about you but according to my Insta feed, crafting projects involving thread/yarn have become very popular these days. I love the fact that something most people associate with grandmothers has become such a popular hobby these days. I love how people embrace their passions without giving it another thought, without worrying about what their friends may thing, without worrying whether it is a popular thing to do or not. I love that so many twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings think nothing of pulling out their knitting or crochet needles. This is such a refreshing attitude that always charms me, and I am constantly in awe at their talent and their nonchalance.

Happy about:

As I type this, Holly and I are still at the dance convention. I love spending this alone time with her, even if she does complain about my snoring. These weekends may be exhausting because of having to be extroverted for two days, but I always look forward to them too.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the weather. I wish you all a great week, and I’ll see you back here next week!


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