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Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been a glorious autumnal weekend with cool, almost cold, temperatures in the evenings and mornings and warm temperatures during the day with the right amount of sun and clouds. We all enjoyed sitting in our patio, sunbathing and watching football yesterday. The plan is to do the same today.

This week was a quiet one. Jim had a quick trip to Mexico for work – he was there for exactly 24 hours – at the beginning of the week. Holly found her homework load increase significantly now that all of the homecoming festivities are at an end. She still needs to figure out how to manage her schoolwork, dance, and sleep. My work is slow right now as I am missing some key information from upper management that would allow me to move forward with the budget. Not having much to do makes for very long days.

The highlight of the week was watching Iowa State play Texas at home. Of course we watched the game to see if they would show the band between plays with the hope being that if they did, we would get to see Connor. While Iowa State ended up losing the game, we did get to see Connor. Of course, he was the one not paying attention, fooling around with his uniform rather than watching the game or playing. Sigh. That’s my son!

This week is month-end close for me. After last week, I am actually excited about the fact that I will have work to do. Jim does not have any trips this week, making this the first week in a while where he is home for the entire week. The rest of the week should progress as normal, with dance, work, school, homework, housework, and sleep. Such is life.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Have a great Sunday and week and I’ll see you back here next week!

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