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Happy Sunday!

This weather sucks. Like really sucks. For the past week, we have experienced the hottest temperatures all. year. long. In September. When it is officially fall. It is miserable outside, and it is supposed to last through the middle of this week. I guess it is a good thing I did not put away any of my sandals or sleeveless shirts/dresses.

To make things worse, Jim came down with a light case of the flu last week complete with fever, joint pain, and chills. Holly also developed a cold during the week. Between the two of them, it sounded like a hospital ward. I made them stay on their end of the house while I stayed on my end so that I can remain healthy. I have been battling almost daily headaches thanks to allergies, so the last thing I need is any sort of virus on top of that. Thankfully, they are both on the mend, and I might let Jim back into the master bedroom sometime this week. (He needs to get rid of his cough first.)

Holly did not make it through the first round of student council elections. For the first round, everyone could vote for three people. These three people would then go on to lead another campaign with the winner of the second election deciding the president of student council. Holly believes she came in fourth behind the three boys who were the top three. Yes, out of eight people who were campaigning, the three boys were the ones to be elected.  😐 Holly insists there was no gender bias. It was just a case of all the boys in the school voting for the three boys, who are their friends, while all the girls split their votes among the remaining candidates. All I can say to that is that gender bias certainly starts early, doesn’t it?

She is actually taking the loss better than I am. She plans to run as a freshman, and she said there is always a chance one of the boys will lose their eligibility to be on the student council as “their grades are not always the best.” She is going to participate where she can and will be keeping her poster ideas for next year. In the meantime, she is also on the school newspaper again this year, so that will also keep her busy.

The high school’s homecoming was this weekend. We went to our first and only football game this year. It was odd sitting there knowing we had no reason to be there this year. Next year should be different, as Holly will be trying out for poms, and if she doesn’t make that she wants to be in marching band like her brother. This in-between year though is strange. Holly wanted to spend some time with her friends, and we hoped to see some of Connor’s old friends while we were there, which we all did. We even hoped he would sneak back home to visit. He did not even though it sounds like he may be coming home next weekend. The team ended up losing, which sucks, but it was a beautiful evening, if humid and much warmer than it should have been. It was nice to get out and see everyone.

Today will be spent inside trying to stay cool. It’s too hot to do anything else, so football and reading it is. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and staying comfortable as well. Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next week!

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