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Goodbye September Hello October

Good memories:

  • Watching football games with Holly
  • Holly’s solo practices
  • Finishing cross-stitch projects
  • Autumnal decorating
  • Helping Holly make posters for student council elections
  • Snuggles with Tallulah
  • Candles and blankets
  • Air conditioning
  • Homecoming
  • Talking with Connor

Bookish stuff:

  • Total number of books read: 10
  • Total number of pages: 3,604 and 5 hours 9 minutes on audio
  • Favorite book(s) read: Patrick Ness’s Release wins for me this month. This story of a high school senior who has his life drastically altered in one day still haunts me.


  • Crafting:
    • I first learned how to cross-stitch back when I was still in single digits. It was something that soothed my OCD soul, and I took to it like peanut butter and chocolate. I have done many projects over the years, but with the arrival of children my projects and my cross-stitching fell by the wayside. After the November election, I found myself drawn to it again as a way to settle my anxiety over what I was seeing unfold daily with our government. Since November, I have finished several projects, most of them designed by my long-time friend, Chrisbookarama. Her Etsy store, CaperChrisCreations, is one of my favorite places to visit on the web, and her designs keep getting better and better. Most of her designs are quick and easy and turn out gorgeously. I highly recommend checking out her shop if you are looking for a new project!
    • Mermaid Pattern Cross-Stitch by CaperChrisCreations

      How gorgeous is this!

  • Video:
    • I watched this a few weeks ago and cannot stop thinking about it. What Brené Brown has to say about dehumanizing versus rehumanizing and about authenticity had me shedding more than a few tears while I was watching it. I want everyone to watch it and hopefully get something out of it like I did.
  • Make-up
    • Somewhere in the past several years, I have decided that I adore make-up and have been playing with different brands and techniques ever since. My most recent find is Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand. It is a cruelty-free vegan brand out of San Diego that I love. Their packaging is just adorable, and their products are ah-mazing. Their lip whips really do stay on forever and their baking flour (setting powder) is wonderful. They recently signed with Forever 21 to start carrying their products, but if you don’t shop at Forever 21 I find they ship quickly. Plus, it doesn’t take much to get to the free shipping threshold. I absolutely love how they cater to women of all color and are careful to show the lip colors on different skin hues. The whole theme is too good to ignore.
    • Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting PowderBeauty Bakerie Liquid Matte Lipstick

How did I persevere?

  • Meditation/Healthy Habits/Political Activism: Grade IC – Did I say I was going to start fresh in September? Yeah. Well. I DID start meditating again. I’ve taken to going out to my car at lunch and enjoying the solitude and a chance to refresh before the afternoon session. I am still undergoing physical therapy for my ankle; I do think it is showing signs of improvement, but we are still building strength and trying to reduce the inflammation so no exercising still. I have realized I just don’t do diets. I do monitor portion sizes though, and I have made a conscious effort to balance out big meals with smaller meals, heavy ones with lighter one, etc. I have also made greater efforts to stay hydrated. I have also been busy getting annual physicals out of the way. So, I have been more health-focused this month than normal. As for political activism, I still keep the fax lines busy for Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin. The headlines have me more anxious than ever, so it is difficult to stay engaged when things seem to be getting worse. I feel so useless, and that makes the anxiety worse. I still have hope that one of these days we will get some good news out of Washington; it is just that keeping active while waiting is proving more and more difficult the longer that orangutan is in office.

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