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Happy Sunday!

It’s a bittersweet day here at the house. As I type this, Jim and Connor are loading a friend’s truck with all of the stuff Connor will be taking with him to college. We leave once they are done and will be moving him into his dorm room tomorrow morning. I am still not certain how I feel about this. I have no idea how I will react tomorrow. This whole scenario is a bit surreal. For those who have gone through this rite of passage, how did you cope? How long does it take for this feeling of otherworldliness to pass?

The other big news lately is that I made the decision to try my hand at starting my own accounting business. I am hoping to gain clients through friends and word of mouth with the goal of someday being able to quit my job and work for myself. After twenty years, I think the corporate world is just not for me. So, if you know of anyone who needs an accountant, please send them my way!

The summer is rapidly coming to a close. Connor starts school next week. Holly starts on September 1st. We were able to convince Holly not to participate in cross country this year. She just has too many hours of dance, and we are trying to prevent more 1 AM bedtimes because of dance and homework. The dance season will pick up in earnest after this week, so we want to keep her healthy and relatively rested for it. She already knows eighth grade means more homework, so this will be a great chance to practice good time management.

Jim and I are staying busy with work. I kicked off budget season the week after vacation, always a fun time with plenty of hours and lots of spreadsheets. Jim is still working through his manufacturing issues but can see progress with his efforts. Hopefully, things will turn around for him, and he can relax when he comes home.

This week will be an adjustment as we all get used to life with Connor 300 miles away from us. Holly has a three-day ballet intensive this week, and Jim and I will be practicing business as usual. I suspect there will be a lot of emotions as we make this adjustment, but I am also so excited for Connor to spread his wings and find his niche.

Here are past posts from the few last weeks in case you missed them the first time:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and relaxing Sunday. I am trying not to think about tomorrow and what it means for our family.

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