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Happy Sunday!

Things have thankfully settled down a bit here at Castle Shannon. Our evenings are freer than they have been in months, and our weekends are equally light on scheduled activities. I cannot say any of us minds except for Holly. She was bored after two days. The rest of us are learning what it means to have free time and relax. It is proving surprisingly difficult to learn, but I am bound and determined to master it!

Connor attends the last of his graduation parties today, putting that part of his life behind him for good. He also got his braces taken off finally. He was so hoping that he would have them off in time for graduation or at least orientation; he missed the one by two weeks and the second by a week. Now that they are off, he doesn’t mind as much that he missed those deadlines. Meanwhile, we are getting used to seeing his teeth again and marveling at how different he looks without braces!

Holly has been trying to stay active. She has been attending the summer cross-country conditioning sessions when she can. She also has had marching band practice twice a week as they get ready for the parade on Tuesday. These are both early morning activities, so she has been struggling during the day. Dance has been minimal in the evenings. She had one one-hour practice two weeks ago to get ready for Nationals, and one day of pictures. Summer classes do not start again until July 10th. She is already going somewhat crazy without having regular dance classes.

This past week was Nationals. Even though it was technically a week-long event, we opted to just go up for two days. She only danced on Wednesday, and the way things were scheduled, there was almost no time to play at the water parks in the resort anyway. Not being there the full week made the entire event seem less important, and there was a lot of tension caused by the fact that they had dances and awards going on in two different rooms simultaneously. It split up the team and was just plain confusing. While her dances did really well, placing 3rd and 8th overall for her group, hopefully, next year, we go to one that is a little less packed with dance and a lot more fun.

Here are past posts from the few last weeks in case you missed them the first time:

For all of you who have an extra-long weekend, I hope you are enjoying every minute of it! For those you who are like me and have to work tomorrow, I wish you a day of relaxation before we return to reality. Have a great week, and I hope to see you back here next week!

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