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Goodbye June, Hello July

Summer is officially here, which means lazier evenings, vacation, warm weather, cookouts, and a general slowing down of life. Sounds like perfection after this last month.

Good memories:

  • Holly’s solo
  • Holly’s ballet show
  • Holly’s variety shows (all three!!!)
  • Connor graduating high school
  • Connor’s graduation party and seeing family and friends all together
  • Freshman orientation at Iowa State
  • National Dance competition
  • Our 20th wedding anniversary

Bookish stuff:

  • Total number of books read: 7
  • Total number of pages: 2,287
  • Favorite book(s) read: Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud by Anne Helen Petersen wins hands down this month. It seriously is a must-read this year for women of all ages.


  • Recipes: I don’t think I cooked one new recipe this month. I don’t even know how much I actually cooked. We were simply too busy. What we did eat were a lot of burgers and brats on the grill, spaghetti, and tacos. Boring and something I would love to remedy in July.
  • Song:
    • This was Holly’s tap song for competition this year. It was a fun dance, and the song never got old or stale. I’m going to miss hearing it so often.

How did I persevere?

  • Meditation: Grade A- – I was doing really well and even made it to the 40 day mark of daily meditation. Then, a trip out of town threw off my schedule. While I haven’t been back to daily meditating, it remains a priority and I never go more than two days without taking that much-needed 15 minutes to myself.
  • Healthy Habits: Grade C – June was the tale of two halves. The first half, I was kicking it, going to CrossFit and logging my food daily. I haven’t been back to CrossFit though since June 15th, and I am beginning to feel it. I miss seeing my friends and I miss the feeling of empowerment I get after each session. This is one area I want to improve and make a priority in July.
  • Political Activism: Grade C- – I’m tired, ya’ll. Tired, discouraged, and completely disenfranchised by our entire government. Ryan keeps doing his thing, aiding and abetting the predator in chief. I have one cool senator, but my other senator thinks the new AHCA isn’t bad enough. Seriously, what is a person to do with such shitty representatives who don’t care and definitely do not listen to their constituents? I keep calling or writing on issues that are important to me, but there are more days where I turn off social media and hide. The news keeps getting worse, and I think I am in self-preservation mode right now.

June was insane. Serious insanity during those first few weeks. They were so bad that when they were over, I kind of just dropped everything I was doing to stay organized and healthy. I still have problems concentrating enough to be able to read, as seen by the fact I only read seven books this month. I find I do not have much more mental energy than that required to watch TV or play Candy Crush. I am hoping the quiet weekend and one week with no evening activities will be enough to help me recover. If not, I have a week in Florida in July that I know will do the trick!

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