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Happy Sunday!

Yes, we are all still alive and plugging along. There are officially five weeks of school left, and every one of us knows it. There is just SO MUCH to do in the next five weeks. You would think it is not possible to be this busy, but every year I prove myself wrong.

Holly is in the throes of track season. She is doing okay and has a great attitude about it all. She realized that she will never be the fastest runner or best at the field events, but she refuses to quit the season or stop running just because she is not athletic. I am proud of her for getting out there and doing her best every single time.

She was also not prepared by how much track would interfere with her dance. Track meets are held on the same two days each week, which means that in theory she would be missing the same two days of dance classes for a month. Nothing gets in the way of dance for her, so she has had to make a choice between track meets and dance practice lately. With one month to go before the recital, every practice counts, and she is not about to harm her dances for a short track season.

The competition season is essentially over, and the girls did so well this year. So many awards and top honors this season to count. We still have the national competition, which we will be attending at the end of June here in Wisconsin, but we now get a few extra free hours each weekend. The weekends are not completely dance-free yet as Holly still has various ballet rehearsals and private lessons. To all those who shake their head and wonder why we give up so much of our lives to dance, what can I say? The girl loves to dance, and seeing her come alive after every practice and performance is worth all of the time and money.

Connor is winding down his senior year. He took three out of four AP exams last week and has to tackle the AP Calculus exam this week. Prom was last night. I am still waiting to hear how it went, as we had to skip out on pictures because of a phone emergency that caused him to miss them. (The lesson from all that – make sure you write down key phone numbers in a safe location so that should your phone suddenly die, you have a way to contact people to let them know you will be late.) I am hoping he got some more candid photos with his phone that he will share with me when he gets home.

Jim was in Germany last week for business. He was sorely missed as being a single parent this time of year is not easy. He was supposed to get home today but ended up missing his connecting flight in Madrid due to a myriad of reasons. Since his luggage did not miss the connecting flight, I figure it might take him a while to relax once he is home.

Here are past posts from the last week in case you missed them the first time:

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful Sunday and I hope to see you back here next week!

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