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Goodbye May, Hello June

In the blink of an eye, spring is almost over and we are at the end of May. Schools are winding down and parents everywhere are beginning to panic at the thought of having to find ways to entertain their children during the summer days. I personally looking forward to a more relaxed schedule and helping Connor prepare for his first year of college.

Good memories:

  • Attending Honors Night for Connor
  • Connor’s last band concert (sob!)
  • Holly’s final seventh grade band concert
  • Holly running track
  • Connor’s Forensics banquet
  • Building props for Holly’s ballet
  • Adding crystals to Holly’s solo costume
  • Connor learning (finally!) how to tie his own tie

Bookish stuff:

  • Total number of books read: 10
  • Total number of pages: 2,976 + 1 audiobook at 12 hours, 12 minutes
  • Favorite book(s) read: I might not have read many books, but I have thoroughly enjoyed so many of them. My favorites have to be Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane and Beartown by Fredrick Backman. Both were amazing in such different ways and both I highly recommend.


  • Recipes: I haven’t done much cooking this month – too damn busy. But what I did cook was delicious, especially this Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Carbonara. Gotta get in as much asparagus as we can while it is in season!
  • Song:
    • Just one of the songs Connor played during his last concert. I really like this one because he made sure you could hear the tubas. Plus, it is such a fun song; I can’t wait until the second Incredibles movie releases!
  • Skincare
    • Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint
    • I am in love with this lip “paint” by Tarte. It isn’t drying at all and lasts forever. My only complaint is that there are not enough colors!

How did I persevere?

  • Meditation: Grade A – I have been rocking my meditation plan this month and have not skipped a day since May 1st. I knew meditating was the only way I was going to stay sane this month with all of the things that we had to do, and I was right. I have been able to keep my anxiety at bay and have managed to enjoy certain moments in spite of my pages-long to do list.
  • Healthy Habits: Grade B- – I am marking myself as slightly above average in this area for May. Going to CrossFit seems to be hit-or-miss for me, but towards the end of the month I did start going in the evenings rather than before the sun rises. I am hoping this helps. I did start a 30-Day total body challenge two weeks ago and have kept that up each day. While the scale has not budged, I do notice muscle underneath the fat and feel stronger than I have in a long time. I also started using the Lose It! app to track my food. It is almost the same as My Fitness Pal, but it keeps track of your calorie intake by day and week. If you go over one day, the goal is to be under for the total week. I find it fairly intuitive and honestly less judgmental than MFP. As for whether it works, again the number of the scale has not moved, so I cannot say. It seems to be working for me in that I have been able to log my food intake every day for over three weeks, something that was not happening on MFP.
  • Political Activism: Grade B+ – I have discovered the ResistBot which sends faxes to your congressman and representatives for you. That has made it a lot easier to stay active, especially when the idea of getting on the phone to speak to a real person fills you with dread. However, I did get on the phone and call everyone I could about the investigation into Russia’s ties to the US election after Comey was fired. With this administration, I fear being politically active could be a full-time job, and I just don’t have the mental energy or financial situation to allow me to do that!

May was a whirlwind, but thankfully June should slow down towards the end of the month. The end of a very long busy season is near, and I am ready to have the time to focus on myself again without dropping one of the many balls I have been juggling these past months. Here’s to a successful June!

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