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Happy Sunday!

Everyone here is taking a quick breather this morning before the next event. It has been a busy weekend for us. Connor had a forensics meet on Friday for which I got sucked into volunteering to help tabulate results. Neither one of use got home until late Friday night. On Saturday, Jim had to go into work; he is having a new piece of equipment installed and wants to be there while they are installing and working to get it operational. Connor had his solo and ensemble contest; his two events were spaced out enough that he was gone from home for most of the day. Holly had her dress rehearsal for today’s performance showcasing the dance team. This is something they have been doing for three years now as a way to kick off the competition season by allowing the girls the chance to perform on stage in front of friends and family. It is just the first of many crazy weekends for us!

This week was a tough one for Holly especially but for all of us. On Monday, Holly’s phone was stolen from the studio. They knew who was at fault, and she was able to get her phone back on Wednesday. However, those two days where it was gone were nerve-wracking for her.

Then, on Wednesday, we received the shocking news that the co-owner of the studio, and Holly’s ballet teacher since we moved here, passed away suddenly during the night. She was not sick. She had no health problems. In fact, she was two months post-op from her second knee replacement and was finally feeling better the last time I spoke with her. This woman was a mentor to Holly and a friend to me. The whole family got to know her as we all worked on building the sets for last year’s ballet. Dance was this woman’s life, and she had been teaching for thirty-five years. In fact, almost the entire staff at Holly’s studio learned under her tutelage. Needless to say, the entire studio is devastated at the loss, but she would want the girls to continue to dance. They are dedicating today’s show to her, and we will be celebrating her life and her spirit. It is going to be an emotional day after an already emotionally rough week.

Here are past posts from the last week in case you missed them the first time:

Have a great day, everyone! I wish you all a fantastic week and will see you back here next Sunday!

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