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Happy Sunday! Coming at you from a decidedly snow-free southern Wisconsin. Plus, it is near 40 degrees again today and supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. I don’t like this weather. I want my snow. It makes me feel better about not wanting to leave the house.

This week was another rough one. Work kept me insanely busy, working twelve hours days and often skipping lunch just to meet some deadlines. I am not a fan. Then, Tallulah ended up sick. The kids came to home to several horrible messes on Tuesday. By the time she saw the vet on Thursday, she was feeling better but still had to go under anesthesia for a much-needed teeth cleaning and extraction. She’s fine now, but I hate that she wasn’t for so much of the week. Connor remains sullen and apathetic. Holly is just trying to keep her head above water with all of her activities. Jim is the only one who had a fairly decent week, but even he got sucked into messy performance reviews.

None of these things are horrible in the larger context of what is occurring around the globe. I wonder just how much of our perceptions are being skewed though by the sheer craziness that is our president. Anti-Hillary voters were worried about her emotional instability, insider connections, and corruption. I think that who we ended up with president is ten times worse than Hillary ever could have been. His tweetfests are simultaneously horrifying and amusing in their overreactions. I dread them but look forward to them because his reactions are so ludicrous. I do worry that we will quickly become accustomed to them, but then I realize that his reactions are irrational and therefore will never be normal to most people. Now, if we can only get Republicans to realize the same thing and freaking take action against his corruption – which we actually know and can confirm! How are those emails now?

Here are past posts from the last week in case you missed them the first time:

Have a great day, everyone! I wish you all a fantastic week and will see you back here next Sunday!

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