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Goodbye February, Hello March

If January was a relatively slow-moving month, February more than made up for it. Seriously, I have no idea where this month went, and we were not even all that busy. March begins our busiest season of the year, so all I can do at this point is just hold on for the ride!

Good memories:

  • Holly’s dance team showcase performance
  • Solo and ensemble contest
  • Doing a back squat with a weight that was only 15 pounds lighter than someone who has been doing CrossFit for three years
  • Running a mile without stopping

Bookish stuff:

  • Total number of books read: 7
  • Total number of pages: 2,400
  • Favorite book(s) read: Lincoln in the Bardo


  • Recipes:
    • White Cheddar Truffled Macaroni and Cheese – Admittedly, it was a weak month for cooking. I cooked, but either they were easy to fix things like grilled chicken or tacos or the recipes were not a hit. This is something I have made before as a side dish, is surprisingly easy and oh-so delicious.
  • Song:
  • Skincare
    • Uka Nail Oil

      This stuff is liquid gold in a bottle. It has done wonders for keeping my cuticles soft during winter and in shape between manicures. Given its expense, thankfully a little goes a long way.

How did I persevere?

  • Meditation: Grade C – I slacked in this area this month, and I can tell. My shoulders are a little tighter, and my jaw is clenched a little more than normal. I want to get back to meditating every day, which means I have to start making more time for it.
  • Healthy Habits: Grade A- – Jim and I have been doing CrossFit three days a week for the entire month, and I am officially in love. The workouts are unbelievably difficult, and I often wonder if I will be able to finish them. Then, I do, and I feel so powerful and so, so good. In addition, I have upped my water intake. While I am not consistently drinking the necessary 64 ounces every day, I am definitely drinking more than one glass a day, which was my norm. I have also started logging my food intake each day again. I have been doing it consistently for the past two weeks. All steps in the right direction. Now I hope they mean a move in a smaller direction for clothes.
  • Political Activism: Grade A- – I will be the first to admit that political activism is exhausting. I have had to take a week off or so, and I have started to limit my social media intake for sanity’s sake. However, I made more calls to DC this month than I have ever done. I think I have Senator Ron Johnson’s phone number on speed dial these days. It’s too bad he won’t answer the phones. I’m sure his staff has gotten to know my name and voice though. Paul Ryan is another person with whom I have tried to contact this month to share my opinions with him, as he is my congressman and not just the Speaker of the House. He is a tricky bugger. You have to go through so many hoops just to leave him a message, and even then, I am not confident he is getting them. It almost makes me wonder if he is not actually hiding from his constituents. Goodness knows he won’t hold a town hall meeting and hasn’t since 2015. I still have not been able to join any of the protests, but I am definitely participating in A Day Without a Woman on March 8th.

On to March madness! February out.

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