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Happy Sunday!

It is just gorgeous outside. It has been snowing almost nonstop for 24 hours. Everything has a beautiful blanket of snow and is the epitome of peace. Knowing that this storm was pending, I made sure to get all errands done yesterday before the snow and have been able to sit inside and enjoy the beauty. The deer have been active, as have the birds. Even our resident fox has been walking around the backyard today. I have been able to watch it all while baking cookies. This is why I love winter.

The peacefulness of today has been a much-needed balm. Both Jim and I have been struggling with our own issues at work. Jim’s are personnel-related, and mine is workload-related. All of it has had us stressed out more than usual and a bit unprepared for holiday goodwill. I am not certain if our issues are over, but I look outside and remember that work issues are miniscule compared to the immensity of nature and its beauty.

Connor had a great week two weeks ago. Not only did he receive a scholarship from the one university to which he has been accepted so far, he also received his academic letter. Finally. He is proof that even though you can sink to the lowest of lows as a freshman, you can get your act together and improve enough to be among the top of the class.

Holly continues to truck along doing her thing. Dance and newspaper keep her busy, but she never shows any sign of cracking under pressure. She has always been our easygoing child, taking things in stride without getting anxious or stressed, and it seems that this will continue even as she has to learn to balance long hours at the studio or school with hours of homework. I am so proud of her maturity and her commitment to her passions. We could all learn a lesson or two from her.

Here are past posts from the few weeks in case you missed them the first time:

Now, it is time to sit back and continue to enjoy the weather. I have some Christmas cards to address and soup to make. After all, snow begs for hot, made-from-scratch soup and a warm, crusty loaf of bread. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and wish you all a quick and uneventful work week. I’ll see you here next week!

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