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Happy Sunday! It has been quite the week, has it not?

I think we are all still struggling to understand and accept the election results. Jim believes that Congress and the Senate will keep our new President-Elect in check. Connor expresses his concern not only for the environment but also for other liberal agendas. Holly fears for women’s health rights, and I am still struggling with all of it. However, the despair I felt on Tuesday and even Wednesday has dissipated somewhat because I feel like I have taken as many steps as I can right now to prepare to protect those civil liberties and basic human rights that are important to me. I have set up recurring donations to various organizations and have already written a few letters to senators. This is just the beginning. I fear we are all going to have to be vigilant and active if we want to prevent the spread of intolerance and hatred that has been the hallmark of the President-Elect from the beginning of his campaign. While he is building his Cabinet and advisors, we need to prepare ourselves as well. Learn the names of your Congressmen and Senators. Learn about the key issues. Subscribe to a credible newspaper to keep up on those issues. Get ready. The battle is coming.

On a happier note, things are settling down at home and work. Jim had a quiet birthday, which is exactly what he wanted. The boys’ marathon training is in full force, as they have to run 17 miles tomorrow. The kids are enjoying their free time now that they get to come home immediately after school. My work has settled down quite a bit as well, and I was able to enjoy cooking dinner every day this week.

This weekend has been ideal.The kids had no school on Friday, so they cleaned the house and freed up the weekend for relaxation. The weather is still unseasonably warm, although it is definitely chillier than it was last week at this time. The sun allowed the boys to finally put up the siding on the storage shed that they started over the summer. Holly only had one hour of dance rehearsal this weekend, so it has been a quiet weekend filled with football, books, and blankets.

Here are past posts from the few weeks in case you missed them the first time:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. Have a great week, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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