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In an effort to be a whole lot more organized this year, and because everyone is always posting what delicious food they make, here is what I have been serving my family for the past week. I also envision this being a detailed account of how I fail miserably at meal planning when life gets too busy. But hey, it’s real life. Speaking of real life, I am not and never will be a food blogger. If I ever were to post food pictures for you, I apologize in advance for how awful they are.

  • Saturday: While Connor was at work, Jim, Holly, and I were at a graduation party, where they had plenty of food for dinner – wraps and salads and cookies and the like. It was a fun evening hanging out with friends.
  • Sunday: Lazy days call for the slow cooker, so I pulled out mine after finding a pork roast in the freezer and made carnitas for dinner. Corn tortillas and black beans rounded out the meal. It was nothing fancy by any means, but it certainly hit the spot.
  • Monday: This is “clean out my freezer” week apparently. Tonight’s dinner was planned after discovering a large salmon fillet in there that we never got around to eating. Grilled Salmon with Garlic Mayo was easy and delicious and went wonderfully with a simple summer salad and Garlic Parmesan Spaghetti. And mouthwash after all that garlic.
  • Tuesday: Tonight was one of those nights where things took longer than we thought. Jim came home late; Connor did too. So rather than make something and eat late, we opted to reheat the last of the leftovers and be done with it. Nothing sexy but totally functional.
  • Wednesday: Summer means salad, and since Holly has decided to become a vegetarian for the month, it makes a perfect meal. It was just us girls for dinner tonight, so I made this BLT Chopped Salad with Avocado. Decadent but surprisingly low in calories, and Holly was able to enjoy it sans bacon. Win-win.
  • Thursday: I was planning a light meal for myself because Jim had plans to meet a former coworker after work and the kids were supposed to have cross-country practice. However, practice was cancelled thanks to the weather, and I was left scrambling. Holly requested pizza, so pizza it was. We kept it simple with just cheese, and it turned out to be the perfect choice.
  • Friday: Tonight was a bit odd. Connor was at work. I got home late. Jim and Holly went for a run right about the time that I got home. It was so hot that no one really wanted to do anything, so we ended up heading to Culver’s for dinner and frozen custard. You can’t have one without the other.


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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