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Happy Sunday! Or as I am beginning to call it the end of summer. There are way too many school-related things happening lately that it has automatically gotten all of us thinking about school again even though the kids don’t return to school until September. This is what happens though when you have kids who are active in school activities.

Speaking of which, both of the kids are now registered for their 7th and 12th grade years. Registration opened up this week, so there was no point in waiting. Connor had to sign up for a parking pass this year. I am not one of those who puts off something like this, and now it is done.

Making things worse is the fact that I also scheduled Connor’s senior portrait session. Holy shit! The person we selected did one of our friend’s portraits last year, and I absolutely loved them. I am excited to see what she does with Connor. We now have to wait until October 7th.

Holly finally started attending cross-country practices with Connor. She was waiting until her own schedule settled down with dance, so this was the first week she felt comfortable going. The middle school and high school have the same husband/wife team for coaches, so both teams work out together. It makes it convenient for us. She was officially initiated into the team on Friday, so as she said, there is no turning back now!

Speaking of cross-country, Connor was officially announced as a team captain this year. He has really stepped up his participation and leadership presence this year, and it is nice to know the coach recognizes that. So, that means he is team captain for cross-country and forensics as well as drum major for the marching band. Not a bad way to start your senior year!

As for dance, you knew that this light summer schedule was too good to last, right? She actually has competition team tryouts this afternoon. There has been some turmoil over the summer as some girls made the tough decision to focus on school sports or other activities in lieu of dance. We also lost four girls due to graduation and have no upcoming seniors for the next year. This means that the team is going to be much smaller and younger than it has in the past. There is another session of tryouts later in August, so we will not find out until after that. I know Holly is worried about making it again this year, but I have no doubts that she will.

The week was not the greatest week in that I discovered on Tuesday that someone had skimmed my card and was using it to go on a shopping spree at local stores. I have since spent the last week on the phone with my bank and talking to the police in order to recover all of the money and find the culprit. It has been frustrating and infuriating all at the same time. I am now ready to put it all behind me, even though I will press charges should they ever find this person.

On the site for the past week, here is what I posted in case you missed them the first time:

I need to get going so that I can make sure Holly is ready to go for her audition. Knowing her, she will most likely stop eating, if she has had anything to eat yet today, so I have to don my supportive dance mom hat yet again as we step on the merry-go-round of competition team dance once again. Yay!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. I’ll see you back here next week!

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