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Hello! Is this thing on? Is anyone still there? It has been forever since I have been able to sit down and write a Sunday post. It feels good to be able to do so again.

What a spring! I have been telling my friends that these past four weeks just about did me in, and that statement is not all exaggeration. The various dance recitals and ballet shows went really, really well, but the dress rehearsals leading up to those shows were brutal. I am not certain I can do that to myself ever again.

This year, the entire family helped with the ballet show. Jim, Connor and I helped build the sets. Connor manned the spotlight. I worked backstage. Then Connor, Holly and I helped tear down the sets. There were way too many hours spent at the theater, but it was worth it. Holly, at one point in time, was smiling during a relatively sad song. When I asked her about it, her response was “I couldn’t help it. I was so happy dancing!” And THAT is why I continue to push myself to be an active partner in her dancing and why we fork out more money than I ever thought possible for dance classes.

While all this was occurring, my mother-in-law came to visit. I think she was here for five days. I honestly don’t remember, as I did not see her all that much. She was here to see Holly dance and spend time with the kids, so it all worked out, even if it did add another layer of stress to that week.

The kids are doing well on their summer activities. Connor is having a devil of a time finding a job though. He should be finally getting his drivers’ license in two weeks, so his desperation is only growing as the time for him to pay for his own gas is quickly approaching.

Jim has been doing a spectacular job of holding down the fort while I flit all over town. He has been building a shed in the backyard, so that we can clear space in our garage for Connor’s car. That is just about done. At least, we can start storing things in there. He has been just as busy with that as I have with dance duties, I think. He has also been the sole person in charge of groceries, meals, and other household duties. I honestly could not have made it through this without his quiet and solid support.

Other than that, things are finally winding down. Later today, Holly and I are heading up to the Wisconsin Dells for the last dance competition of the year. The schedule for this year’s nationals is not quite as demanding as it was last year, so we are both looking forward to relaxing and having fun in the water park at the resort. We are staying with one of my BFFs and her daughter, who is one of Holly’s closest dance friends, so there will be loads of laughter and plenty of fun. I am really looking forward to getting away from work for the week.

On the site for the past few weeks, here is what I posted in case you missed them the first time:

I know I am missing a lot, but I honestly cannot remember many details about the last month. Everything is a huge blur. Just know that I am still around and missing everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and even better work week. I will see you back here next week!

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