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Happy Sunday! It is a glorious day outside. I love when that happens over the weekend, don’t you?

Yesterday was the Readathon. It was the first time in ages that I was able to participate the entire day. I have no ideas exactly how many hours I read, but I finished five books at just over 1,500 pages. I went for a long walk and listened to an audio. I took a nap. I cuddled with the dogs. We even had friends over for a very casual dinner. It was about as perfect a Saturday as you could get.

Exciting times for Jim at work this week. On Tuesday, the crew of the Food Network show, Unwrapped, showed up to film the processes of one of the candies Jim’s new company makes. He wasn’t one of those interviewed, but I know he was excited nonetheless. He also attended his first ever Board of Directors meeting with the owners of his company and a ribbon-cutting ceremony, as the facility in which he works is essentially brand-new after all of the gutting and remodeling they did over the winter. He continues to make daily improvements, and his new team loves that. I am sure the honeymoon will end eventually, but so far, he loves it and it seems they love him!

Connor had a busy week with two track meets, both of which ended late again. During one of the track meets, he gathered his courage for a “promposal”, to which his friend said yes. They are not dating but are going as good friends, which should make the evening that much more fun for him. Prom is in two weeks, so he has some work to do!

Our house guest moved in on Thursday. He left to spend the weekend with his family on Friday evening, so we are still feeling out how this is going to work. Still, I have been in his shoes, as I lived apart from my family when I first started working in Wisconsin. If someone had done something similar for me, the savings alone in hotel room costs and the chance for a home-cooked meal instead of eating out every night for six weeks would have been worth any amount of initial awkwardness.

As for the week on the Internet, there were the usual posts: What Are You Reading? and Fabulous Friday. I then went on to share my thoughts on The EpidemicMaestra, and The Obsession. Three very different styles of books but all about crazy people and all excellent reads.

Today will be some cleaning and laundry that I did not touch yesterday. I have been using a 30-day cleaning schedule and absolutely love it. It may be my imagination, but the house seems cleaner even though not every room gets cleaned at the same time. Plus, it means not losing entire days to cleaning the house. After yesterday’s reading binge, I have a lot of administrative work for the website and on various sites. I need to figure out the menu this week. I have some paperwork to do. I also have to start getting ready for the last competition that we will be attending this spring, which is next weekend. Holly has dance. Connor has to study for his pending AP exams. Jim has some work to do. It will be a quiet day but never a dull one.

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and a peaceful and productive work week. I will (hopefully) see you back here next week!

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