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Happy Sunday evening! It has been a glorious weekend, and we have all been taking full advantage of it. Working outside sprucing up the yard, grilling, exercising. It felt SO good to finally have warm and sunny weather. I could definitely get used to this.

Well, it has been quite the few weeks here. Jim started his new job, and, as anyone who knows him would expect, he hit the ground running. Every day, he comes home with a new story about some improvement he either identified a need or one he is going to implement. In the first few weeks, he has gotten a feel for his team, his colleagues, the processes, and the culture. I know he was nervous before he started, but I think the fact that he is already getting praise from his team for slight changes he is already implemented has done a lot to make him feel better about the move.

Connor has been keeping very busy. Not only is he studying for upcoming AP exams, he has at least two track meets a week. As this district insists on holding them during the school week, it means some majorly long hours for him. Impressively, he has PR’d in at least one event at every meet, and this past Thursday he won the 800m race. He also attended his last Forensics meet this past Friday. It happened to be the state meet, and he had the second-to-highest score in his category. I know he has been struggling with self-identity and self-worth lately, so it was good to see him excited about his successes this week.

The past two weekends were, as mentioned in a previous post, two of the four dance competitions for the year. Holly has done an outstanding job in both of them, and her whole team has more than held their own. It is always fun to watch the girls dance, but when they are on – there is an electricity to their dances that makes them indescribable. Those are the performances that make you cry or bring goosebumps no matter how many times you have seen the routine. In addition to competition, rehearsals for the ballet are beginning to heat up as well. Holly had two extra rehearsals this weekend, and I attended a planning meeting to plot out scene changes along with the other choreographers, stage manager, and set designer. It is going to be an amazing show, but we have a lot of work to accomplish before June.

Life keeps moving ahead at rapid-fire pace. Earlier this month, Connor brought home his band schedule for the entire 2016-2017 school year. This is both good and bittersweet. I like having everything on the schedule as soon as possible, but at the same time, I dislike seeing my fall completely booked even though it is still April. Also, it had the 2017 graduation ceremony on the schedule…I may have shed a tear adding that to the calendar as it will be the only year we attend the ceremony only because next year we will be parents of a graduate. Gah!

My work schedule has continued to be bonkers lately, so I am not able to sneak in any writing time these days. I have several reviews I need to write along with one extra non-book-related post. We shall see if I get to them this week. Even though writing has been furthest from my mind, I still posted two What Are You Reading? posts for week one and two. I also shared my thoughts on Flawed and Glory Over Everything. I had two Fabulous Friday posts as well for week one and two and finally gave an update on my one word in another Making the Grade post. It wasn’t a great two weeks for posting, but I’m just impressed I had content.

This week, Jim and I will be getting the house ready for a house guest. One of Jim’s friends will be homeless for six weeks after his wife and he finalize the sale of their current house on Thursday. The wife and kids will be living with her parents in Iowa, but as the husband works at Jim’s former place of employment, we offered up our guest bedroom for that time. It gave us a great excuse to finally finish that room. All we have left is curtains and some welcoming touches, but I’ll need to make sure the pantry and refrigerator are stocked for a fifth mouth. The rest of the week will be more track, more dance, and who knows what else.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are easing into their Monday preparations. Have a great week, and I will see you back here next week!

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