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Happy Spring! And Earth Day. And Palm Sunday for you Christians out there. And March Madness for those who worship the basketballs gods. For a Sunday, there is certainly a lot happening today. For my part, I am trying not to do ALL the things as my plans to get caught up on paperwork and the like last weekend did not come to fruition. One of these days, I will get through my email. This I vow.

I know it seems like every week is crazy around here, but this past week was a bit more insane than normal. On Monday, Connor had a Forensics meet, track practice AND a band concert. Holly had her usual four hours of dance on Monday too, so there was quite a bit of running around the city picking up one kid, dropping off another, and so forth. After a day like that, Jim and I are probably more anxious for Connor to get his driver’s license than he is!

Speaking of Forensics, Connor has been doing really well in this new endeavor of his. His chosen area of focus is Expository Speaking, which fits him well as he loves to expound rather loudly upon his (very strong) opinions. He found out this week that he is eligible to attend the state event. Not bad for his first year!

Holly too had her band concert this week. Hers was on Thursday, which was much more manageable for all of us. She had to miss her dance classes that day, but it is worth it. Having her concert on Thursday also meant no St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans for me. Boo.

The kids now enter spring break. While they have no school, it does not mean they will be bored. Connor still has track practice throughout the week, and Holly has ballet rehearsals. As Holly put it though, after spring break enters our Exhaustion Period where we go from dance competition to dance competition, track meet to track meet, ballet rehearsal to ballet rehearsal from after Easter until the weekend of July 4th. I suspect we all will be trying to do as much relaxing as possible before the dam breaks once again.

I keep plugging away at life, working and reading and trying to find time to write. I did eke out three reviews this week: The Particular Sadness of Lemon CakeWashington, A Life, and 13, rue Thérèse. Plus, I got back into my regular posting of What Are You Reading?Fabulous Friday, and What’s for Dinner. It is a schedule that seems to be working for me, giving me a nice mix of book reviews and life updates. The key will be getting caught up on outstanding reviews and scheduling as many posts as possible before the dreaded Exhaustion Period.

Speaking of which, I have some reviews to write, the week’s menu to plan, and way too many emails and comments that require responses. I hope everyone is having a very productive but peaceful Sunday. I’ll see you all here next week!

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