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Happy Sunday! Also, happy Valentine’s Day if you go for that sort of thing. We are treating this day like any other Sunday, which means dance practice and household chores and preparing for the work week to come. Nothing shows your love for each other like clean laundry, right?

Yep, right now I am watching some absolutely beautiful snowflakes fall from the sky. So far, we have several inches with more predicted before this winter storm passes. I do love a good snowfall, especially when I do not have to go outside in it.

So, the Super Bowl – was that a boring game or what? It was almost embarrassing how everything was so lackluster. Sure, the Broncos’ defense was impressive, but it became torture to watch them crush the Panthers’ offense play after play. Even the commercials were mediocre. Some were cute and some drew a few chuckles, but few were memorable. As for the halftime show, I think the less said about that the better. Thank goodness we had friends over to watch it with us. That and Twitter. There are some funny people out there that made our respective Twitter feeds much more entertaining than the game.

Yesterday was Galentine’s Day, and I spent it getting rid of the grey pampering myself at the hair salon. Later that day, Jim and I met friends at a bar to watch one of Jim’s coworkers and her band perform. This coworker has a stunning voice, more used to karaoke than to live singing, but for her first performance she knocked it out of the park. In fact, the general consensus is that she needs to sing more songs as lead rather than her other bandmate. It was a fun night, if a late one. This is two weekends in a row we have gone out for a night on the town. Both Jim and I conceded last night that we are getting too old for that, even if we no longer drink to excess.

The week for the family was quiet, meaning that there were no added events or travel. It was the usual schedule of practices and rehearsals, meetings, and late nights. It was rather nice to have the entire family home during the week, even if Holly did come down with a cold that left her struggling to breathe and even more tired than usual.

While it was a quiet week for the family, I put in some long hours at work. I am totally not complaining. It was actually a lot of fun working on those reports. However, it did eat into my time at home for reviews and other such things. As such, I only managed to have one review ready for last week, but it was at least for a good book, Arcadia. I still posted the usuals: What Are You Reading?, Fabulous Friday, and What’s for Dinner. I also shared another new feature and offered a rare-for-me giveaway.

Given all that I was not able to do last week during the evenings and knowing that this upcoming week will not be a quiet one for me, I have plenty to do to get ready. Plus, I really want to enjoy this snowfall since all of the snow seems to be hitting everyone else but us this year. I hope everyone is having a wonderful, restful, and loving Sunday. Until next week!

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