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This is a  feature in which I want to share some of the things that have me obsessed from month-to-month, whether it is music, food, make-up, or anything else that makes me giddy during the month.


News –  For a while now, I have been getting the day’s headlines sent to me by the fabulous people at The Skimm, and seriously, these daily emails are the highlight of my morning. I absolutely love their irreverent approach to the news and their snarky editorial asides. They are wonderfully nonpartisan, and honestly, their drinking games for the various political debates have been the only thing keeping me watching them. I also love the fact that they send the news to you via email rather than you having to visit a website. If you have not had a chance to try this fun little news service for yourself, do yourself a favor and sign up today!

The Skimm Logo
Music –  Would it surprise you if I said I was still obsessively listening to the Hamilton soundtrack? Actually, I think Holly might be more obsessed with it than I am. She pretty much listens to it “non-stop.” (Ha!)

Hamilton Original Broadway Soundtrack

Accessories – A few months ago, I was looking for a different laptop bag. Mine were all so heavy and bulky and weighed more than my actual laptop. Jenn is always extolling the virtues of her Orla Kiely diaper bag that she uses as her daily bag for work, so I took a look and found these two:

Orla Kiely Daisy Tote Orla Kiely Owl Tote

I have been switching back and forth between these two since I got them, and I have to share my love for them. They are so light and fun and absolutely perfect for my needs. They are roomy without any interior dividers to provide bulk. I can carry two planners, my laptop in a protective case, a small accessory bag filled with pens, another small accessory bag filled with the laptop’s power cords, and still have room to sneak in a pair of heels (on wintry days when I need to wear boots into the office) or my lunch. The length of the shoulder straps are also perfect for fitting over my winter coat without sliding off. They are durable and easy to clean – one is vinyl and the other is a treated canvas. Plus, they add an element of whimsy to my day. I have even used one or the other as a purse/tote for days at the studio or theater and I don’t want to shove all of the snacks and water bottles into one of my leather purses. Extremely handy, versatile, and adorable, I love using one of them every day.

TV Ya’ll know I am not the world’s biggest TV fan. I tend to stick to sports and that’s about it. Jim is the big TV watcher, having binge-watched practically every police procedural on Netflix. For some reason though, when he started Ripper Street, I was intrigued enough to watch it with him.

Ripper Street

It is brutal and dark and we love it. For me, there is something about these very damaged souls doing everything in their power to protect the civilians within their jurisdiction. They are all so righteous about some things and yet so very flawed. The costumes are outstanding, and the entire series is a somewhat terrifying glimpse into the past. If you have not had a chance to watch it yet, I highly recommend it!

Makeup I have always been plagued with oily skin. You know the kind. You put on makeup in the morning, and by lunchtime your entire face is shiny – and not the good kind- and it looks like you put on no foundation or powder or cheek color just a few hours earlier. After getting more adventurous about makeup in recent years, I have found a few products that help this situation. However, none has been quite as effective and amazing as this little travel-size sample I received from Birchbox last month.

Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder

Tarte makes amazing products, and they have become one of my favorite brands for good reason. However, this Smooth Operator Finishing Powder is amazing. It goes on over all of the other layers and leaves a translucent, matte finish that blends everything perfectly and leaves you with that flawless look that people like me – with oily, acne-ridden skin and large pores – have always tried to have. The best part? It lasts all day long. I am sure it has something to do with the clay or whatever. I just know it works and works amazingly well. A little goes a long way too, which makes the price tag much more palatable. Seriously, using this every morning has made me so happy. It is a miracle in a tiny little jar.


These are just a few of the things which have made me happy this month. What are some of your favorite things for February?

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