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Fabulous Friday Button

We should always find ways to celebrate the little things in life. What better day to celebrate these little things than the best day of the week? So, here are the things that make this a Fabulous Friday for me this week.

  • Sleep – It was a long week coming off an even longer weekend. I know there are plenty of girls and mothers from the dance studio who are dragging this week, Holly and myself included. Thankfully, the schedule for this weekend is fairly bare, relatively speaking, so there should be plenty of time for naps and late mornings over the next two days. I know Holly and I really need it. 

  • Taxes – Yes, I am the weird person who actually likes doing my taxes. In fact, my taxes have been done for a month. As such, we received our tax refunds this week. Time to go pay off some bills! Woohoo!

  • Notes from Authors – I harbor no illusions about how minuscule my piece of the Internet is. I write reviews and posts for myself. I always hope that I make a connection with someone, or that someone else will find my reviews insightful. However, I never expect any recognition in any formal sense. Imagine my surprise and wonder when I received the loveliest letter from author Sere Prince Halverson this week. She was writing in response to my review of her newest novel, All the Winters After. She was thanking me for my review, but after her kind words I feel like I am the one who needs to thank her. Recognition like that, gratitude from the author for understanding her work and capturing the heart and soul of her story in my review, is the only kind I ever need. 


What makes this a Fabulous Friday for you?

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