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In an effort to be a whole lot more organized this year, and because everyone is always posting what delicious food they make, here is what I have been serving my family for the past week. I also envision this being a detailed account of how I fail miserably at meal planning when life gets too busy. But hey, it’s real life. Speaking of real life, I am not and never will be a food blogger. If I ever were to post food pictures for you, I apologize in advance for how awful they are.

  • Saturday: Jim and I finally went out to dinner with friends. This is a dinner we had to postpone a few weeks ago because one of our friends came down with a stomach bug rather suddenly. Tonight, everyone was healthy, and we all enjoyed a nice steak with all the fixings.
  • Sunday: Jim left on another business trip before I was even awake this morning. Because I am slightly tired of cooking and am struggling just to stay somewhat human for my children, I opted for an easy-out for dinner and ordered pizza.
  • Monday: My family makes fun of me for my love of all things Pioneer Woman. However, I never hear them complain when I make one of her recipes. Tonight is another soup night made in the slow cooker. When Ree says this Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup is extremely simple, she is not fooling around with that. This has to be one of the easiest recipes to throw together, and it tastes divine. The kids loved it too. You can bet your ass I will be making this again and soon.

The Pioneer Woman's Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup

  • Tuesday: Jim is still gone. Connor had a night of Forensics and pep band. Holly had dance. This meant that this mama was not cooking. Good thing I have plenty of soup left from yesterday. Even better thing that it reheats so well.
  • Wednesday: I kept it very simple tonight since Jim is still gone. Plus, sometimes the simplest meals are the best. So, it was Taco Wednesday for the three of us. Ole!
  • Thursday: Another night where Jim is still gone, Connor was at Forensics and pep band, and Holly was at dance. That means leftover tacos for me and Holly, and whatever Connor can find when he got home.
  • Friday: Jim is back, finally, but Holly and I had to attend a Rock County Arts Awards ceremony tonight. Five of Holly’s teammates are up for individual performer awards. One of her team directors is up for a director award. One of my closest friends is up for an Art Educator award. Plus, the studio is up for best dance studio award. Thankfully, arts awards also includes culinary arts, so there was some yummy food sampling. I’m not certain what the boys decided to eat. You know, out of sight, out of mind.

It wasn’t the most glamorous of weeks regarding meals, but I still managed to avoid eating out for the week. It was a perfect week to keep the meal choices as simple and filling as possible.


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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