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Happy Sunday, my friends! How are you this week? I am writing this as I gaze out on a dreary landscape. Cloudy and rainy, of all things, with snow that is most definitely past its prime. It would be a great day to stay inside, but alas, as you know, that is never in the cards these days.

Jim is back home again after being gone for yet another week. This time, he gets to stay home for five whole nights before he heads back out on his fourth business trip of the year. I think this is his last one for a while, but I also refuse to look at the calendar to confirm that. I am afraid the truth would be too depressing.

This past Friday, Holly and I attended the local Janesville Area Creativity (JAC) Awards ceremony. Several of her fellow teammates were nominated for individual awards, as was the team itself and one of her team directors. Plus, one of my great friends was nominated for Best Art Instructor. I was not certain what to expect, as this was our first time attending the event, but we all had a blast. Plus, the team took home several awards. It was a fun night watching some amazing performances and spending time with friends. Events like that make you realize how much talent exists in your local area.

Rehearsals for this year’s ballet started yesterday. Trying to find time for all of the main cast to rehearse in between regular dance classes and team rehearsals has proven nearly impossible, so she will be adding more dance time during the week. In fact, her ballet instructor will be picking her up from school just to fit in some time. I worry about the extra time during the week, but at the same time, I know she is ecstatic to get started. If ever I wonder whether she has lost her enthusiasm for dancing, I just watch her face at practices or watch her dance around the house to know that she most definitely has not.

Of course, work and taking care of the kids filled most of my time this week, as usual, but I did continue my goal of posting something once a day and even added a fun new feature, My Favorite Things. This is on top of the regular weekly reading recapWhat’s For Dinner?, and Fabulous Friday posts. For reviews, I shared my thoughts on City of Blades and The Swans of Fifth Avenue. Please check them out if you have not had the chance to do so yet!

Connor is busy with school and working on his Forensics performance piece. He also has been active in the pep band and jazz band and working on his piece for the upcoming solo and ensemble contest. We received his report card for the first semester and were thrilled to note that he finally pulled off a 4.0. I know he is relieved to prove to himself that he can do it, and Jim and I are just happy he finally figured out what he needs to do to live up to his potential.

Really, other than the awards ceremony, the week was pretty uneventful. Work has been quiet but will pick up with month-end close starting on Monday. Jim leaves on Wednesday, so at least I have two days of help this week. Otherwise, we all continue to plod along as our schedule dictates. These are the days of our lives, after all.

I hope you are all finding some time to relax and recuperate this Sunday. I wish you a wonderful day and hope you have an even more fantastic week. Take care, and I will meet you here next week!

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