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Happy New Year, everyone! Since the last time I wrote one of these posts, back in December, the holidays have come and gone. The kids and Jim had an extended vacation from work/school/post-school activities. We watched movies. We read. We cooked together. We played games. We watched football games. We finished some household projects. We basically took a breather from everything and just enjoyed each other’s company doing so.

Christmas was a low-key affair, which is how I like it. My family drove up for the day on Christmas Eve. We caught up on all the news, opened presents, ate goodies, and had a pleasant afternoon. For Christmas itself, we kept it small. I had been wanting to cut down on Christmas for a while now; the commercialization of the entire season actually makes me slightly sick to my stomach. So when Ti mentioned this whole “Need, Want, Read, Wear” idea, I was all for it. I pitched it to my family, who approved and embraced it with gusto. The idea is that we all got four gifts, one is something we want, one is something we need, one is something to wear, and one is something to read. Not only did it provide me with the opportunity to cut back and diminish the commercial aspects of the holiday, the presents meant more because we truly thought about the best idea for each category. Judging by the very happy faces on Christmas morning, this was a knock-out success. Connor was so thrilled with his “Read” present that he declared it his favorite present of all time while Holly has not stopped using her “Want” present for the last two weeks. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

New Year’s Eve was equally quiet. Connor did not want to attend the party to which he was invited so he stayed home. Holly had her best friend over for a sleepover, which meant Jim and I got to listen to two tweens giggle and gossip for most of the night. We all had a marathon of The Hunger Games movies, as one does. I had some work I had to do, something I was able to do from home. We had easy but delicious appetizers that Holly requested to serve to her friend. It was homey and very calm. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As for New Year’s Day, it was more of the same. With some major changes to our production for 2016, I had some major behind-the-scenes work to do to get our systems ready for when they started production back up yesterday morning. That took me all day, but I managed to get it done while wearing comfortable clothing and from the comfort of my house. Plus, a new Sherlock episode. Bonus!

Saturday was my lazy day. I finished my first book for 2016, which was epically awesome. Jim and I lounged around in our pajamas for most of the day. Holly went to spend the night a friend’s house, and Connor did what he has been doing all vacation long – gaming. Quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. I even went for a walk yesterday; it wasn’t the warmest but the sun was shining so it was nice to get some fresh air. It was a nice after working all day yesterday.

In preparation for the new year, I spent a lot of the last two weeks in major self-reflection mode. The result was my word for 2016, “Whole“, which I unveiled yesterday with an explanation as to how I came to select this word and what it means to me. Having spent this time looking inward, I feel better than I have in a long time. I am nowhere near close to being whole just yet, but I am feeling a sense of calm and peace that has been missing for months. I have taken steps to getting the help I believe I need to make me whole and feel better as a result. I am taking back control of my life little by little, and it feels…right.

Today, I think we will all be getting ready to start the new work and school week. Groceries, laundry, making lunches, back to the grindstone for us all. I think the kids are more than ready to resume their regular schedules. I can’t say I am totally thrilled about going back as I could use another day or two of rest away from the stresses of work, but it is what it is. New year and new month which means closing books, publishing financial statements, prepping for the year-end audit and all that shit. You know, sometimes I really regret choosing Finance as a profession.

Regardless, I plan to enjoy myself as much as possible today and watch what should be one hell of a football game tonight. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and great start to the new year!

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