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We made it through the first full week of work and school of the new year! How did you do?

Jim’s first week back to work in two weeks started out with his first business trip of the year. I know he is working diligently to build his team so that he could potentially stop traveling so often. With at least two other trips scheduled for the month of January, I cannot wait until that happens.

Connor had a big week this week. Not only did he finally get his learner’s permit to start the behind-the-wheel sessions for driving, but we scheduled his very first college visit. Given how busy he is in the fall and knowing that our time during the summer is equally limited, Jim and I thought it was a good idea to have him visit potential colleges while he has more free time, which means this winter and potentially spring. Unfortunately for us, none of the schools which offer his degree choice and which interest him are in-state. Then again, all the more reason to look closely at his choices now rather than later so that we can all prepare for that particular bill.

Holly started right back into dance classes and had her audition for this year’s ballet recital yesterday. We won’t know the results of those auditions until later this week, but she came out of auditions happy and tired. I don’t need any more proof that she danced her heart out and did her best.

After the rush towards the new year, my work week was blissfully quiet. I am sure things will heat up again because that is what happens when you work in business, but for now, I am enjoying the less intense atmosphere and ability to breathe a bit.

On the home front, I started meditating again. This was something I was doing pretty regularly about five to six years ago and loved it. I, unfortunately, got out of the habit of doing so.  Just one week back into the practice and I feel much more calm and centered. Perhaps this contributed to my relatively peaceful work week? I have no way of knowing, but it was a welcome experience all the same.

I did post some real reviews again and not the little snippets I have been writing for a while now. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend was such a great way to start the year with its charming story. The Guest Room is a stunning piece of fiction, and After the Crash is just a fun thriller. I got back into the swing of things with my updated weekly reading summary, another Fabulous Friday with the ability to link your own posts, and a What’s For Dinner post. Coming up this week is one of my new features. A lifestyle blogger, I am not, and it definitely shows, but I am excited for a few new things I have cooked up.

As for today, Holly has more dance rehearsals. Jim will be flying out on yet another business trip, Connor has homework, and I will be doing some cleaning, cooking, and organizing for this year’s taxes. I have my trusty label maker and am way too excited to get started. I complain about working in Finance but then get excited about doing my taxes; I picked the right field after all, I suspect.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and is able to enjoy themselves. Have a relaxing and stress-free week, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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