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Happy Sunday! October is over, and we finished out the fall sports season with the cross-country banquet tonight. I know we are all thankful that our evenings will be less hectic these days.

We have been keeping our heads down and just getting things done. The quarter is winding down for the kids, so they have been busy studying for midterms. Connor had his first meeting for Forensics this year, and the success of various teams have kept the pep band busy with tournaments and playoffs. The cross-country season just ended, but he is has upped his training to include strength training. He and Jim are working out together to improve his upper body strength and his speed with the intent to get him ready for his senior year and hopefully some scholarships. We shall see.

As Connor’s season winds down, Holly’s is just heating up. The team practices begin in earnest next weekend. Towards the end of the month, her favorite dance teacher will return from maternity leave, which means she is looking at dance every day of the week. She has a schedule that would fell most people, but she never complains. Better yet, she does what she has to do to keep her stellar grades without prompting from us. I am so proud of her.

Jim has been busy traveling for work. His company recently announced three separate acquisitions, two of which directly impact him. November will be a busy month for him as they work through the logistics of these new additions to the company. He has a few races planned, and of course we have some more home improvement projects to finish. He loves being busy, so this is all good for him.

I keep trucking along. Between work and taxi duties, dance team fundraising and treasurer activities, maintaining the house and the family schedule, I stay plenty busy. I am so lucky that I have such independent kids who help with laundry and cleaning and are not afraid to make their own meals when necessary. I love that they help out and are willing to step up if I’m busy or not feeling well. I love that they still talk to us about everything and genuinely like being with us. I never get tired of hearing them talk about school or their friends or whatever else is going on in their busy lives. These teen years may have their challenges, but they are also some of the most rewarding years as parents.

In spite of everything, I have still managed to post something fairly regularly. Over the past two weeks there was a weekly reading summary, reviews of Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith, The Admissions by Meg Mitchell Moore, and Glass Houses by Rachel Caine, as well as a Fabulous Friday post and a What’s For Dinner post. There has also been another weekly reading summary, as well as reviews of The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow, Feed by Mira Grant, and The Fall of Princes by Robert Goolrick. I finished out this week with another Fabulous Friday and another What’s For Dinner. I keep chugging along on catching up on reviews and just getting things done.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and a restful, recovering Sunday. Time to get ready for the work week!

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