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Happy Sunday! Did everyone survive the readathon? I already checked my calendar for the April 23rd readathon and now will be pouting because I will not be able to participate in that one either. Ah well. It is not like I can treat some other weekend like a personal readathon, right?

We survived the week! I knew we would, but sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual experience. Jim went on his business trip and returned. He and I painted our closet and have the materials for our new closet layout. He will be on another week-long business trip this week, so I am hoping he can knock out at least my section of the closet before he leaves. I suspect that is not his biggest priority this week though.

Things are winding down for Connor. Yesterday was the conference meet for cross-country and the state marching band competition. Unfortunately, the results were not what we expected. A stomach cramp felled him for the race, and he posted a less-than-stellar time. As for the band, they performed beautifully. Their performance gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, the judges felt otherwise because they gave them a low score that brought them to fourth out of eighth. All of the parents think they were robbed. Personally, I would have bet money they would have placed third. It was a disappointing day all around, and I suspect Connor is going to be in a funk today as a result.

While Connor’s schedule is easing up, Holly’s will not be. We have one more week before her dance practice schedule takes off to every day of the week. I know she is exhausted by the end of the week already, but she never complains and still manages to get her homework and chores done. I wish I had her drive and determination.

Things at work are heating up for me too. Budget season is well underway, and between those meetings plus prep work for that plus my regular job, it means long hours, early days, and lack of lunch breaks. In other words, it is exactly what you would expect from an upper management position. I still find it surreal to believe I am in this position, but I love every minute of it – even those days where I want to tear my hair out in utter frustration at the roadblocks – people and systems – that pop up every day to prevent me from doing my job. I know I don’t make it sound like fun, but it is. I have always loved a good work-related challenge, and every day provides new opportunities. It is awesome.

I did try to post every day, but the evenings and days proved a bit too much for me this week. As it is, I still posted my weekly reading summary, Fabulous Friday, and What’s For Dinner. I also posted an update with pictures on the home improvement projects about which I have been blathering for weeks. I am still not-so-patiently waiting for my bookshelves. You can bet there will be a ton of pictures once those arrive and get loaded!

I wish today was going to be a day of rest, but my laundry hamper miraculously filled up again. Jim and I need to knock out some of the closet, and we all need to catch up on work and chores since we have not been home for anything length of time since Wednesday. For those of you who participated in the readathon, I wish you a restful day of recovery. For the rest of you, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and an even better week to come. See you next week!



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