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What a week! Just when you think things are under control, you realize just how little control you have in life. That chest cold I had last week morphed into the cough from hell by Monday. It was so bad that not only did I spend all day Monday in bed, the few hours in which I was awake were spent coughing and pulling muscles in my back. I was feeling better by Tuesday and on the mend on Wednesday. Then Thursday came, and I discovered that something I ate was NOT agreeing with me. I lasted two hours at work on Thursday before I crawled home and admitted defeat. That was another day spent in bed, writhing in pain and fervently wishing someone would put me out of my misery. I stayed home Friday too just because I was finding it too painful to move around and wanted to stay close to my bed and bathroom just in case I was not quite over whatever bacteria got into my system. Thankfully, I am on the mend, eating again although in small amounts and taking it easy as much as possible.

All of us had a rough week, as the cold did a number on each of us in turn. Connor had two cross-country meets scheduled for this week. He hit a personal best on the first one and was thankful a nasty storm came through to cancel the second one. Late nights doing homework, early mornings, and long runs have him running ragged and pretty much exhausted. A few good nights’ of sleep and no  mid-week meets should make next week much easier for him.

Holly too was struggling with fighting off her cold and staying on task for dance. Her private lesson ballet instructor even commented on how tired and worn down she was. Hopefully, we are getting all of this illness out of the way early, so that the rest of the school year is incident-free.

I may finally be getting back some of my writing mojo because for the first time in months, I had posts for every day this week. Starting with my weekly reading summary, I then gave an update with pictures of Our Net Zero Home Part Two. Then, I mana ged to post not one but two very short reviews – one for Jennifer McMahon’s The Night Sister and one for Ernest Cline’s Armada. I rounded out the week with Fabulous Friday and my new Saturday feature, What’s For Dinner. Sometimes, it takes very little to amaze me. This week, I amazed myself.

You might have seen on Instagram my pictures with my new “hobby”. I have always been a planner and list girl. Thanks to the discovery of an entire planning community and plenty of sticker shops on Etsy, I have taken things to a new level. This whole decorating the planner ritual each week allows me to tap into my miniscule crafty side. Plus, it makes me really excited to use my planner each day, more so than usual. If you are also a planner person, I highly recommend checking out this fun and addicting hobby!

We have an empty calendar this weekend, and you would think we would take advantage of that. We did not. Jim and I decided to continue working on the house yesterday and will continue to do so again today. I find it satisfying work, if only because I know it means the house will look amazing when we are finished. Still, I hope to spend some time relaxing today. It is homecoming week, which means it is going to be a busy one for all of us.

Have a great Sunday and an even better week to come. Talk to you next week!

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