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Happy football season!!! The Packers won. The Badgers won. It has been a good weekend.

Unfortunately, the cold that Connor brought into the house last weekend has now hit the rest of the family. I seem to be suffering the worst from it right now. It is a standard cold, so it could always be worse. Still, I will be happy when I am over the worst of the symptoms. So will Jim, since I know he loves when I sniffle, cough, and snore my way through these things.

Connor had another cross-country meet on Thursday and came within five seconds of his personal record. He placed 16th overall, and the boys’ varsity team received second place! You can imagine their excitement, since this is team that does not usually place at all.

Connor also had his first marching band halftime show. Their show is so cool. The music was written by a former student, and the show itself was also choreographed by him. Their band now has over 100 students, so they really fill the field. This was the first time either Jim or I have seen this year’s competition piece, and we were both impressed. If the amount of applause they received by the audience is any indication, we were not the only ones.

Holly is officially back in dance. Things got a little tense as she had to adjust her schedule to include time to eat and finish her homework in order to get to bed at a decent time. You could tell she was happy to be back though because she was so moody and tense during her off-week. All of that disappeared on Tuesday, and she is back to being my happy-go-lucky girl.

Work is going well for both Jim and me. He is getting ready to kick off two major acquisitions, and I am getting more involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. I am also discovering just what it means to be in upper management. I spent more time in meetings this week than I did out of them. No wonder I feel like I am not accomplishing anything! I have a plan of attack ready to go for Monday, so I am hoping it will be less stressful and more productive.

On the blog front, I was able to stick with my weekly reading update and shared some sad news about Our Net Zero Home. My Fabulous Friday has been receiving great feedback, as has my feature, What’s For Dinner. I enjoy doing all of them but still hope to start adding some reviews back into the mix, even if they are one or two lines. We shall see if I can get that organized.

I trust everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and will have an even better week to come.

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