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It’s been a while since we’ve been back here to update on the house and to be honest, things have been a slow grind. After closing on the lot, we moved quickly to clearing it, as you saw in the previous post. All the trees and root systems were dug out, and the excess topsoil was pushed to the back of the lot. Then, a lot of waiting. We finalized our budget around the end of June and now, hopefully, we’re a week or two at most from breaking ground. From there it will be a mad rush to get the excavation completed, foundation poured and framing completed on the house and garage. The big goal before the end of the year is having the solar completely installed and functional and the house enclosed to complete all indoor work.

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The last piece of the puzzle is the appraisal on the house for our construction loan. As we’ve discovered, not surprisingly, there aren’t many homes in Janesville (or Rock County for that matter) that are designed with high efficiency in mind and also with active solar installed. As the bank explained, they’d have to expand their appraisal to Madison, where you see more of this type of construction. What was originally expected to be completed by the 20th of August looks like it will now be completed by the 1st of September. So, hopefully the next time I update this will be much sooner. More to come.

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