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Last week, we announced that we were done with the plans to build a net zero home, and we are. However, that does not mean we are sitting down and resting. In fact, the day we made the decision, Jim was renting a jackhammer and destroying the concrete pad at the back of the house. By the end of the weekend, we had a newly rocked area outside of the house.

Former Concrete Pad

One project down. Many to go.

This week, Jim started the biggest project we want to do this year. I came home on Friday, and he was in demolition mode on the carpet in Connor’s former room. The plan is to pull all of the carpet on the main floor. We were also having the kids play musical rooms by making some switches between the guest bedroom and their rooms, so this gave us the perfect opportunity to start all of that. Jim will start working on adding the flooring throughout the week, and Connor is slowly moving into his new room downstairs. Meanwhile, Holly is on standby as she patiently waits to move into her new room with new floors.

Connor's Room Sans Carpet

Connor’s former room sans carpet

We also ended up removing the main TV from the upstairs living room, so that I now have a TV-free zone in which to read and write. This makes me very excited. Speaking of TVs, we put ourselves back on the cord and added cable again to the house. We tried the digital antenna for two years. What we found is that we were slowly losing channel access. We started with 30, and by the time we made the switch today, the only channel we could watch with any regularity was ABC. No NBC, no Fox, no CBS. It was frustrating, especially for this sports fan. Our house is unfortunately not ideally situated for a digital antenna. I know Jim was fighting this inevitable change as long as possible, but I think even he knew I would never stand for not being able to watch football this year. That is no more! Given that I really do not watch a ton of television outside of sports, I should not be as happy as I am about this. However, between that and the TV-free zone for me, I am ecstatic.

Next up is finishing the kids’ rooms. We need to add the hardwoods and repaint Holly’s room. Connor’s new room also needs painting and new bedding. Once we finish that, we will move on to the living room and then the master bedroom. We are taking it one room at a time, chipping away at the projects as we have the time and the money.

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