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Surprise, surprise. It was another busy week at Casa Shannon. However, this time, we got the bliss of a weekend that was completely free from appointments, meetings, activities, and the like. Well, that’s not true. We were supposed to spend the day on Saturday at Lake Geneva, but the weather definitely did not cooperate for that. I think all of us were okay with that change in plans.

Connor had his first cross-country meet of the season on Wednesday and had his absolute best start to any season. He was fifteen seconds shy of his personal best – something he normally does not come close to achieving until well into the season. His whole attitude is more positive and determined. Jim and I are very excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for him.

I attended the first competition team parent meeting this week and found out just how many dances in which she will be dancing this season. Right now, she is in three different dances. Between rehearsals for those three plus a mandatory technique class, there will be many weeks where she will be dancing seven days a week for fourteen hours in total. I don’t think this has hit her quite yet, and even once it does, I am not certain it would phase her. She just loves to dance too much.

On the work front, things are definitely picking up for both Jim and me. For Jim, he has three big acquisitions looming in which he will play a key role. He is working to build his team and finding his replacement now that he is in his new role officially. These projects have him zipping all over the Midwest for short business trips in various states. For a man who absolutely cannot sit still, this is a great thing for him.

As for me, we had the first of MANY budget meetings this week. It will be my first time with an active role in the process, and already, my calendar for September and October intimidate me. I know I will be taking advantage of having an office one block away from the dance studio, as I work while she dances without having to go home.

The rest of the weekend has been nothing but school prep. Connor has some summer homework to finish. Holly has been busy laying out her clothes and packing her bag. I finally went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up some grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches. I even turned on the oven today to bake a cake and will be frying up lots of bacon later for my chicken salad, as requested by Holly as an alternative to luncheon meat this week. I have a full week of meals planned and am looking forward to a week off of dance so I can actually cook and have family mealtime at least once.

I still have no idea what I am going to do with this site. I want to write up my thoughts on everything I’ve been reading, but when I sit down to do so, I lose interest. I’ve batted around the idea of doing something fun like all those “currently crushing on” posts you see lately, but even that requires time and energy. I am hoping the long weekend next week will afford me more time to just sit and plan and assess. I am open to suggestions though. Is there something you would like to see me do? Some direction you always wished I would take but haven’t? Anything?

I did manage two posts this week: my normal Monday summary and one Inside Michelle’s Brain, in which I shared some thoughts about the appropriateness of comparing books. That one generated quite the discussion, and I am still thinking through everyone’s comments. What will this week hold? It certainly depends on how I feel as the week progresses.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and is having a peaceful and relaxing Sunday. Have a great week, everyone!

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