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Happy, happy Sunday!!! This past week has been a blast. I finally got back into reviewing books. Jim posted his first update on our net-zero house project. The kids are down to the last few days of school. Most importantly, my new job is so cool.

Monday was spent with 17 other new hires in new hire orientation. To see a company who is hiring between 10 and 20 new people every single week is so exciting. The orientation was smooth, and the day flew past. I found out halfway through the day that I would be getting an office with a door. Finally! No more cubicle land for me! By Tuesday, I was doing the official meet-and-greet and starting to get a feel for my role within this company. Everyone I have met not only seems very pleasant and welcoming, but I get the impression they are genuinely happy to have me there. In fact, I received a hug from my new manager! It is such an amazing feeling. Going to work has been an absolute pleasure, and since it is so close to Holly’s dance studio, I’ve found myself popping in while she is at dance to drop things off or set up my office. It has been a LONG time since I’ve been so excited to go to work. I am going to do everything to make sure this feeling lasts.

Did you catch Jim’s post? On Thursday, he posted the first of a series “Our Net Zero Home Journey“. The goal is to capture this adventure for posterity, so stay tuned for more!

I did indeed review some books this week, in addition to my weekly Monday recap. I can’t say I’m completely back into the swing of things, but I am working on it. It helped that one of the books I reviewed happened to involve one of my favorite author/narrator partnerships with Molly Harper’s The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire. The second book I reviewed this week, The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston was a miss for me, but you can’t win them all.

Tomorrow starts Holly’s recital season with her first three-hour dress rehearsal. Due to demand, the studio added a third variety show on Wednesday, and they are scrambling for volunteers to help behind the scenes. Of course, I volunteered to help. This is just for the variety show. Next week are the rehearsals for the ballet. Oy. It does mean that Holly and I will be spending more time at the theater this week than we will at home! I guess this means that it is time to go spend some time with my family.

Have a wonderful Sunday and an amazing week, everyone!

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