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Last week was rather crazy. This week is also crazy. Because my brain cannot seem to handle anything other than numbers lately, here are some random thoughts:

Geek versus nerd – I know they are different but how? No one can seem to tell me without looking it up online. Do you know?

I was featured last week by Bree at The Things We Read. Go on over and check it out!

I signed up to work backstage during Holly’s two ballet recitals. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

I got my bookmarks from craft’ed, and I am thoroughly in love! Seriously, they make me happy just looking at them.

Why are track meets so long? More importantly, why must my son run in the first and the last event of each meet? I love watching him run, but it is insane how you can lose so many hours to one meet. This makes homework quite the challenge. And pretty much anything else you hoped to do that evening or day.

Holly announced to me two weeks ago that she wanted to attend Juilliard for ballet and tap. To which I said to her, “Wow! We will definitely work to make that happen!” Internally, I was tallying up the bills for private dance lessons and tuition and crying.

I want to read all the books. I do not want to review all the books. Are my super-mini reviews a total cop-out? They feel like it, but I got nothing these days.

It is not even close to summer yet, and our summer schedule is rapidly filling up. Not to mention that we have something every weekend from now until July. No wonder I am so flipping tired all the time.

The HVAC unit at work has been shut down for the past eight weeks.There is no heat, no air conditioning, and absolutely no ventilation. Now that the weather is beautiful outside, the temperatures inside are unbearable – as in 90 degrees by the end of the day. Tempers are short. People are miserable. I can only hope that they figure out what the problem is before we hit 80 degrees outside. I shudder to think how hot it will be inside.

With that, I am out of here, off to cool off from today’s roasting to prepare for tomorrow’s. Such fun!

Have a great week, everyone!

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