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Wow. It has been quite the week. Life-changing. Mind-blowing. One of those weeks that can never be surpassed. So good that Jim and I are still floating on air a bit, stunned by our good fortune and how quickly things can change.

Where to begin? Let’s start with Jim. He has been in his current role for three years, has consistently knocked his performances out of the park, received tons of accolades and recognition but never a major promotion. That is no more. He received a great promotion and nice pay raise to boot on Thursday, giving him more responsibility but allowing him to move into that next level of his career.

Then, we have been batting around the idea of building our dream house for a while now. This would be a net-zero house with solar, geo-thermal heating, and energy-efficient everything. This is the house we would occupy as the kids leave for college, and we become empty-nesters. It just so happens that the perfect lot for this house is literally three lots down from our current house, the lot has been for sale for seven years, and our good friend and neighbor is available to be the general contractor for this project. After much hemming and hawing, questioning our desires, looking at plans and budgets, and in general making the decision to go forward, we pulled the trigger this week and bid on the lot. We found out yesterday that we have it. So now starts the fun part. It will be a slow process, as we will be building this ourselves with our contractor’s help, but by this time next year, we should be settled in our new home and enjoying all of the little things we have always wanted in a home.

Finally, there is my news. Three weeks ago, I was approached by a recruiter about an amazing position that is close to home. I wasn’t actively looking but figured I had nothing to lose so told her to go ahead and submit my resume. I was called within a day to set up an in-person interview; they skipped right over the phone interview. I went in on a Monday for that one. I was back in for the second round on that Friday of the same week. Exactly one week later, they extended an offer that more than met my expectations. Not only is it a huge promotion, an even bigger pay raise, greater opportunities in a stable company that is growing, but it is also five miles from my house. In fact, it is just down the road from Holly’s dance studio. Within an hour of submitting my verbal acceptance, I had an email from my new manager telling me how excited and happy she is that I said yes. Best birthday present ever.

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this. In one fell swoop, we changed our financial future, and our children’s future. It is scary to think of the challenges that face us both as we enter these new roles, but it is thrilling as well. It is the end of a very long tunnel.

After this past week, we are keeping the weekend very low-key. Connor had band practice yesterday, and Holly had dance practice again. We had friends over for dinner, and Connor’s girlfriend joined us in a fun game of Cards Against Humanity. Today will be even quieter. Jim is putting together my new Adirondack chair, which I will have to test it inside since it is raining. Holly brought me breakfast in bed, and Connor is doing his teenage thing in his room. My plan is to relax and enjoy my family.

I hope all of you mothers have a wonderful and love-filled Mother’s Day. For those who aren’t mothers, I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful Sunday. Have a great week, everyone! I know I will!


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