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Happy Sunday! I’m still on a basketball high after last night’s game. Seriously one of the best games ever, even if I did have several minor heart attacks along the way. Make ‘Em Believe for just one more game!

I don’t know about you, but it was just gorgeous out this weekend. Holly and I went on a nice walk to enjoy each other’s company and the weather. Jim and I busted out the motorcycle for the first ride of the year too. It was wonderful. Of course, the sunny warm weather means allergy season, so while I stayed inside and did laundry and prepared dinner, Jim and Connor got a head start on the landscaping work we didn’t finish last fall. They made a lot of progress, and it is really beginning to take shape. Plus, it will make this summer’s yardwork so much easier.

The kids had spring break this past week. Connor was in Disney World with his band all week, riding the rides and marching down Main Street in one of the parades. He came back Saturday night tired but so happy. Holly had the week off of dance, so it meant an unusually quiet week at the house. It was weird but wonderful to have free evenings. We didn’t get used to it because that will most likely be the longest break from dance we will get all year.

Last week, I got back into the groove with my regular Monday recap, a review of Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes, and a review of Andrew Pyper’s The Damned. I even managed to get a few hearts racing in my poor excuse for a joke on April Fool’s Day. It was a quiet week, but that’s the way it has to be sometimes. I’m still not up to my regular writing schedule, so I know there will continue to be quiet weeks until I get there.

This week sees us all back to the grindstone. Connor has a track meet. I have month-end close. Jim has some major projects starting. Holly has a full week of dance and one last dance competition this week. Plus, we will all be cheering on the Badgers tomorrow night. No matter who wins, just being at the Big Dance feels like a major win.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday and has a great week!

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