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Happy Sunday! The sun is out. The birds are singing. The trees are budding, and my eyes are watering. It is most definitely spring here in southern Wisconsin. Track meets, dance practices, and work filled our week, as it does every week lately. Jim has been flitting back and forth between plants as there are some issues with customer stock that has everyone alarmed. Holly had two field trips this week plus statewide testing that kept her busy at school. Connor is still recovering from hitting a new low in grades and school performance. Hopefully, this is the lesson from the school of hard knocks he so desperately needs to turn things around. Meanwhile, I spent the week furiously trying to analyze numbers and assuage upper management on some issues. Actually, it was a pretty normal week in the grand scheme of things!

This week, I also found out that one of Holly’s fellow dancers, a junior in high school no less, recently wrote the first of a three-book series and is actively seeking a literary agent through which to publish it. Based on the brief synopsis and knowing this young lady, it sounds amazing, and I look forward to watching her journey as she goes from high school student to published author.

As for my own writing, I had the usual Monday reading recap. I also shared my thoughts on three amazing books: Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park, Courtney Summers’ All the Rage, and Suzanne Young’s The Remedy. I also submitted my application to become a writer at Book Riot. I know it is a long shot, especially given the fact that I am just one of over 1,000 applicants this time around, but I think it is time I push myself. Becoming a freelance writer or a regular contributor to a well-regarded online publication is the next path. I am equal parts nervous and excited, so now all I can do is wait to see if they like what I submitted.

It has been quite a month in the book blogging world, and this time, rather than scandal, we prove once again just how awesome we are as a community. First off, almost everyone knows by now that one of our own, Sheila from Book Journey lost her son in a tragic car accident earlier this month. I also know many of us are still reeling from the news and empathy for Sheila. The fundraiser to donate a bench at Sheila’s beloved library in memory of Justin was an amazing outpouring of love and support for Sheila and her family, and I know I speak for all of us when I say that I wish there was something else we could to do help ease her grief.

Most recently, Meg from Write Meg! gave birth eight weeks early to her adorable son, Oliver. He is currently in NICU at their local hospital and while he is getting strong, both Meg and Spencer need all the support they can. There is currently a fundraiser to provide much-needed gas money for their many trips to and from the hospital and gift cards for baby items, since she missed her shower due to the early delivery.

It is times like these where the capacity for love and understanding overwhelms me and makes me grateful for all of my blogger friends. We may disagree, be rocked by scandal, and fight like only friends can, but we are fiercely devoted to one another. We share our secrets and our problems, celebrate wins, seek advice, and turn to each other for solace. We know what is happening in each of our lives and with our families. We are all the truest of friends, even though so many of us will never meet in real life. Man, I love you guys!

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