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Is anyone as frightened as me that January is already over? Time really should not pass THIS quickly. There is something so wrong about it.

Did you know February is National Letter Writing Month? Okay, it isn’t really an official thing. I guess April is the month for that according to the United States Postal Service. However, it is a movement started by some of my favorite people to bring back old-fashioned communication in all its beautiful glory. Granted, it isn’t all that exciting, but for anyone who loves stationary as much as I do, it is a perfect excuse opportunity to pull out some of that pretty paper and reach out to friends. I have lots of paper. Who wants a letter?

I don’t know about you but I sit in front of a computer All. Day. Long. I can go and have gone almost six hours without getting out of my seat. That’s bad. Very bad. Last week, I was reading a post by someone whom I have now totally forgotten and found this little website that reminds you to get up and out of your seat regularly. Entitled Take a Break!, there is no set-up or any installation required. You open the page, set your timer to one of the preset timer options and forget about it. Once the timer hits zero, it pops up a notice that blocks you from doing anything else on the Internet until you click a button and restart the timer. If you have a browser open in the background, like I do at work, I get a visual and audio notice telling me it is time to get up and move around. As long as you have the page open, it will continue to tell you to take a break. I started using it over the weekend and really thought I was much more productive. Then I started using it at work. I’m not an expert, but I do feel better after work. I am less exhausted. My eyes are not dry or strained. My back and shoulders hurt less. I did try other break timers, but I didn’t like the break reminders. I found them too easy to ignore. So, I went back to Take a Break! and have discovered that I appear to be accomplishing more in those 30-minute increments than I would just sitting there. I’m calmer and happier at work too – and in an environment where everyone tends to overreact, that has made a huge difference in my ability to cope with such behavior. Again, I’m not an expert and have only been using this helpful tool for a week, but I was astonished by how much better I feel just in getting up and walking to the bathroom or to the break room every 30 minutes. Have you used something like this? Do you find it helpful? If you try it, let me know how it works for you!

For those of you who may have missed things the first time, I shared my list of extremely varied reading for the last week. If ever you needed proof that I am firmly an eclectic reader, this is it. As for reviews, I shared my less-than-mind-blown thoughts on the very popular Paula Hawkins’ novel, The Girl on the Train. Given that it is Super Bowl Sunday, there was no better timing for my thoughts on Jim Gaffigan’s Food: A Love Story because nothing says the Super Bowl like an entire book devoted to food. From there I went to Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. I know it’s supposed to be the inspiration for the movie Frozen. I don’t see it. I ended the week with the disappointing memoir by Kate Mayfield, The Undertaker’s Daughter. It is never a good sign when you finish something like that and have to ask yourself what the point of the book was.

I hear there is a big sporting event today. I won’t be watching it. I’m going to be reading instead because BOO. I did make snacks though because according to Jim Gaffigan I live in Super Bowl Foodland, therefore I must represent like every good Super Bowl Foodlander.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and a great week. On to February!

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