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Dear Readers,

Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren HendersonAs I realize that many books I read are young adult, if you see a big YA at the beginning of my letters, the book the summary is about, may not be for you. Now. The report.

YA – Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson is the first book in the Scarlett Wakefield series. There are four books total in the series. Kiss Me Kill Me is about why Scarlett actually got invited to the party and how Dan died. This is a book where enemies become partners and best friends split up because of one stupid mistake. Scarlett goes through a lot, from the beginning where she doesn’t want to be picked on to the end where she wishes almost everything is the same. But Scarlett learns that just because two wishes come true doesn’t mean others will work out the same.

So if you enjoy romance mysteries, you should read this book and the sequels.

Read on readers!

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